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coveteur 277w ago
Those @smythejackets girls have pretty impeccable taste in shoes... And books!

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Bow down to the power of a pretty velvet knot🎀 ⠀
#Linkinbio for the full step-by-step for each.⠀
✏️ @katiejaynebecker
📷 @benritterphoto
We still can't believe we got to raid @Oprah (yes, THAT Oprah)'s closet. See it all at the #linkinbio and tell us what you think so we know we didn't imagine the whole thing. ✏️ @meaganwwilson
📷 @jakerosenberg
The one rule of night-out cool: It only really works when you at least look like you’re not really trying. In other words? Denim (like @Gap's Super Slimming Denim) for the win. For best results, combine with 🎤 + 🍕as Team @Coveteur + our friends at @Bustle do. Get 4 editors' night out routines at #linkinbio or today on our Stories!
Pro tip: add ~everything~ velvet to your @NordstromTO 🛒, throw in a little ✨, and you'll have everyone convinced that you're ready for fall (even when you aren't). Click out the link below (or screenshot this!) to learn about about the @nordstromto products we’re buying this season via #covcollab #liketkit #liketkit #nordstrom
Kristen Dempsey, brand director of newly launched resale site @Heroine (brought to you by the team behind @Grailed), *somehow* manages to have one of the coolest, most curated closets we've ever seen, despite having access to racks of incredibly rare finds at the office. At home, she focuses on comfortable pieces that are “still super beautiful.” Hit the #linkinbio to browse her entire closet (and more 🐱 pics)
Ever wonder what it’s like to have your own glam squad on speed dial? @1MaryPhillips and @JenAtkinHair answered that for us. For more from their decade-plus friendship (like their @LaMer obsession and why drinking wine & watching the Met Gala after spending the day together with the likes of Kendall, Bella, and Chrissy will never get old), hit the #linkinbio
Now let's get in formation ☁️💫
Model @HannahDonker SWEARS by facial yoga to keep her skin glowy and youthful. Add a little more "ahhh" to your Sunday and try it yourself! 💆#Linkinbio for more. ⠀
1. “Cleanse, tone, and use a hydrator, making sure to gently massage it into the skin.” ⠀
2. “Focus on the the outermost points of the face—starting at the top of the forehead [and then] moving to the tips of the cheeks and chin—pinching very gently in an upward motion with the middle of your index finger and thumb. Don’t pull the skin—it’s more of a gentle flick upwards. Repeat for 30-45 secs.”
@Gap's Super Slimming Denim: worth the wiggle. Don't believe us? We challenged two members of Team Cov & pals from Team @Bustle to prove it. Their unfiltered reviews of your new favorite jeans: #linkinbio.
If it’s green, it must be good. 🌿
@DrJart’s Cicapair Tiger Grass line goes on green (yes, literally) to calm, soothe irritation, plus correct and remove redness from the skin. Watch & learn as @EmilyElaineOberg
demonstrates. Intrigued? Hit the #linkinbio for more essential products you need to add to your routine ASAP. #Cicapair
"Before I knew it, a year had gone by, and I was the one behind the bar who could pour out dozens of cocktails in my sleep. Not that sleep was ever a priority." Take the #linkinbio to read the craziest confessions of a New York City bartender 🍸⠀
📷 @alec_kugler
✏️ @hannahbaxward
Who knew tattoos and watercolor portrait prints went so well together? Well, other than @FilXiaobai when we asked for her take on @Gucci and @UnskilledWorker’s dreamy new collab 🎨 #Linkinbio for a peek at the 40-piece collection! #CovCollab
Ever wonder what it's like to eavesdrop on a FaceTime call between @PatrickTa and @DesiPerkins? We did that & came away with a new favorite product in the process: @LaMer's Sheer Pressed Powder. Forget the drying, cake-y powders of your makeup bag's past—this one's equal parts skincare (it's infused with La Mer's iconic #MiracleBroth, aka their literal secret sauce) and makeup, and it's the answer to nailing the flawless complexion of everyone's dreams.
“I put on makeup, but I wound up wearing a grill with it, so that made me feel better.” @teyanataylor’s Beauty MO summed up in a sentence, basically. Her favorite drugstore product, all-time beauty icon, and vampire facial endorsement (plus more beauty tips from the 🔥 multihyphenate!): #linkinbio. ✏️ @leahfayec
Pssst – Something BIG is dropping tomorrow 👀
Join us for the Coveteur x @JuiceServedHere launch party at @Platform_LA Thursday 7-10pm! Snag your spot 👉
#nationalhandbagday: the only hashtag holiday we're down with. We'll let you guess why. 👛
True story: @lilireinhart was this close to quitting acting before #Riverdale came calling:
Read on for what happened after she moved home—and why she decided to take a second chance on herself—then tap #linkinbio for our full interview with the actor.
"I went back to a sales job that I had and tried to save up as much money as I could, but I was also dealing with incredible depression and social anxiety, so it was really difficult for me to work at the time. There came a point where I was like, I need to go back there and try again, because first of all, there’s nothing else I want to do, so it’s kind of the only option. Second of all, if I don’t go back out there and try to make it work, I am going to regret it because this is something I’ve been working toward for my entire life."
📷 @emilyknecht
✏️ @sideofawkward