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When you come home and can't find your INDOOR cat after checking all the typical and atypical hiding places, panic really starts to set in.
This asshole had me in hysterics Sunday night as every horrible scenario flooded my head on how she could have possibly gotten out and if she had, how she'd absolutely be dead. She's never been outside unless to be transported to the vet or new home. She's never felt grass or seen another animal aside from our pets.
As a last resort, I flipped over my mattress and as it felt I heard the sound of paper crinkle. SHE HAS BEEN IN MY LEATHER TRUNK AT THE END OF MY BED FOR 6 HOURS NOT MAKING A SOUND. When I opened the lid, she just sat there like an asshole. Didn't try to jump out, nothing. I dragged her out and screamed at her bloody murder. Now I understand the mentality parents have when they wanna beat the shit out of there kids for making them worry if they were hurt.
And in all seriousness, I understand I make jokes about my obsession with this cat, but that night I really felt the world crumble at the thought of losing her. Ugh. Good thing cats live a long time.
💖So this Friday, Oct.20th in Asbury Park, Steph and I are finally showing our work at the beautiful Hotel Tides where they have a lounge, bar, restaurant, and plenty of parking!
🙌🏻We'll be selling limited edition prints, having raffles/prizes, and giving life advice to crazy cat ladies.
Come support yah girls 7pm-11pm.
Everyone is following mine and Steph's collective and checking up on event dates and sneak previews for our show on the 20th right?? 😬😬😬
I think the only thing that helps us sleep are these cats.
Be sure to follow @uh_viewwitharoom for more details but we have another art show coming up Friday October 20th!! 🌟🙌🏽💖 featuring @steshywhatever and myself!
So we have this art show in 5 days @northernsoulhoboken and we've been vandals of the night trying to promote it in Hoboken so people better show up bc we didn't run from the cops all night for nothing!!
So in exactly a week from today, @uh_viewwitharoom is putting on this shin dig at Northern Soul and if for no other reason, you can entertain yourself with the photobooth that night.
Thursday morning horseback riding through the cliffs of rural Iceland.
These two smoosh puffs need homes. After rescuing and fostering 11 kittens in 3 weeks these guys are all that's left.