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My thoughts lately have been around the big word ‘dead’. Boing you are Gone = dead. The fear we all carry in us apparently or do we? Is it the natural way of thinking about it, really? Getting old(er) my friends. Fear and fearfulness I’d rather replace with positiveness and ice-cream. And I don’t actually like ice- cream. Think about it. #tomtomR
.. ? .. #tomtomR #mytag #orangeaudio = #tomtomR ... I understood the internet when orangeaudio got populated by an Indian artist. My music name had gone. #tomtomR is my name for artistic stuff outside of music since years and I claim it. 😜
tomtomr 12w ago
On the go or rather ride with Sharky. Thank you Uli.
tomtomr 25w ago
Rain - it feels comforting, to know that in the end there is sunshine - always
tomtomr 29w ago
Somehow I reached this point. It is a crossroads between Really?! and Fukc It! - may the stronger win #tomtomR #mdotasif
tomtomr 31w ago
I can't even explain what you are seeing here. It is a photo though.
Take a guess?
#tomtomR #biglightsociety
tomtomr 42w ago
You were an inspiration: from the hair style I tried copying without success ever to 'last Christmas' which for some reason is one of the stronger traditions during Christmas and has been around longer than any home address I ever lived in. You also managed to make sunglasses look ok at any time anywhere. #georgemichael #rip #tomtomr
tomtomr 42w ago
A bit of photo distortion art #distortion #tomtomr #biglightsociety #photoartwork
- original is taken in a front garden
tomtomr 43w ago
My son had a school project and came up with this. Salt dough on cardboard and paint #planetearth #tomtomr #livinghere
tomtomr 44w ago
Christmas is around the corner, evidently decorations are all over the place. Colors and disco styled light shows are competing so much so that B/W capture it best for me. Even though it lacks some warmth.
#tomtomr #Malta #vallettawaterfront #christmas