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Dominique ken at maribago blue waters resort

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Equipment transfer to NGCP. Supervised by Eng. Pabuna of WESTCO. Tango to Atcha David
Post event mini celebration of Intercede events.. congrats to sir Earl sir Max and mam Mayumi for a very successful DIGICON2017DX.
Early birdy 4am breakfast.. handing lexi to my trusted Delta force Alden Richards Tocino. Occular inspection for Dr. Julius Manalad clinic xmas party venue.
With Mam Toralba of the Centre of the Performing Arts and her friends passing time at the Evia mall.
DIGICON2017 at PICC. Together with ms Mayumi Tumangan and her team in Intercede Events.
With the Celis family clan. 3day fam bam tour. Tango Otto trans
Savemore Citymall Dau grand opening. Meet and greet with Gil Cuerva. Tango to paps Stewart Sotto
Papua New Guinea Independence day Celebration at the Shang rila the Fort. Together with Ambassador Christian Vihruri and his wife.
How cool can you get with this baby?😊 well not mine.. you have to be a hotshot pediatrician to afford one of this. #royalenfield
Kasal sakalan😁 ayehh!! Together with Atcha Stew and Bong V. At Restorante delle Mitre Intramuros.
Boss Jerry boy Penalosa and his Grass root development future stars Barry the Baracuda Ignacio and Atcha the Ambush David!!!!!😉🤣
At Kidzania Manila. Training kids to be independent. A taste of things to come and what to expect in the future.
Goodwill 2 8oclockers basketball official over and back jersey. Games every mon tues and thurs 8pm. Thanks to Jun Sacramento
5 day goat drink. Banana pineapple carrots cucumber grapes papaya spinach turmeric flaxseed spring water. #nutribullet