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  Posted: Jun 26, 2012 11:27 PM FEED
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No bad days when you wake up to a view like this 🌞🌊
Chasing sunsets, and searching for trolls
🌅👹✌🏻 #downbytheriver #prairielife
Everything's better with an ocean view ☀️
What better way to spend Canada Day when you've got the best backyard of them all 🇨🇦🌲🌞🏔
When Summer has finally arrived ❤️
Wishing a big Happy 13th Birthday to my lil Bro. I can't believe he's now a TEENAGER!! 😊🎂🎉🏀💙
#sincewhendidigetsoshort #notsolittlebrother #18
We have nothing to lose, and a world to see 🌿•🌎•🦋
City of hopes and dreams ✨
I just liked the palm trees 🌴🌴
#realtalk #palmtreeobsessed
Rainy days got me reminiscing of summer road trips when I get to bug and annoy the shit out of him 🌞🚙💙🎙 #whysoserious #annoyinghim #whatidobest #loveyou
🎉 2 0 1 7 🥂Forget clubbing, as long as you're poppin bottles 🍾 with your faves! #whenyourbffinallystartstolikechampagne #victory
Morning surprises ❄️☃️