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justinrz 276w ago
Shred monkey shred!

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Your girlfriend may be cool, but is she "buys you a heli flight lesson" cool? Thanks babe, unreal. I'm addicted. Some addictions are better than others kids
She's only with me for the leg and back scratches
She looks amazing. I look awkward cuz the boxers I was wearing were missing the button on the dink flap and it popped out and was touching the inside zipper of my pants.
If this pic also had a snowboard, dirtbike and a gushers x fruit by the foot x fruit roll up 36 piece variety pack, it would have everything I love and need for this coming year
The only Rzepczyk's in North America right there. 1 bailed and became a Hooge. What's a Hooge you ask? Besides a large sandwich, we're really not sure.
Escaped from the "hab" for the day...
When you work 1400k from home, you begin to miss even dog fart's (Insert friend theme song)
-30 out and Js ripping frost. Tuck ya nuts into your socks folks or ya might just lose em
justinrz 100w ago
Expose yourself to Mother Nature. It gets bigger, I swear
justinrz 119w ago
If I still had 20 year old knees maybe I would have been able to put this down. But had fun for my first wake in a couple years. I'll be back to settle the score with this kicker in a few days once I'm done limping
justinrz 128w ago
Crappiest winter in my existence. But I managed to at least get some whistler Slush under my feet for a day.
justinrz 153w ago
RIP Phil. This man lived down the road from me. A quiet man, who rarely opened up to anybody. It took me 3 months of walking by with my dog and sayin hello before I ever got any response out of him. I knew he was alone. I could see it in his eyes. Over the past couple years we grew oddly close. A mid 20s punk and an 80 something year old retired logger. He didnt have a single family member alive, literally not even one. He once told me that me visiting him with Bentley was one of the only things that kept him wanting to be alive. I write this with strong tears in my eyes. He passed away on Sunday. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. He left us all alone, probably not even a nurse at his side to help him go. I know he wasn't scared, nothing scared Phil. He's been wanting to be with his wife since she left 7 years ago. I hope he knew that even tho he didn't have many, he did have one friend. Two if you include Bentley. No service, no ceremony, no one to speak any last words about him. That's what I'm doing right now. Goodbye old friend. You are finally with Eileen again. Ill be sure to have some Pringles and apple juice in your honor. Till next time buddy ❤😢🐶
justinrz 155w ago
The sunsets are about the only thing ill miss about this kiersten dunst flat fuckin province. See ya later Alberta. I'm craving mountains 🏂🏂🏂
justinrz 157w ago
Tip of the day: if the hotel laundromat is closed, DO NOT try to dry your socks in the microwave at 6 am because when the fire alarm goes off, 85 oil field workers will find out you are the moron who woke them up. If I have to take a drug test soon I won't be surprised
justinrz 167w ago
My kootenay vacation. Montage Monday style
justinrz 167w ago
I almost lost my best friend last night. Hearing the screeching tires and seeing Bentley go under the wheels of a jeep grand Cherokee was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. He's my best friend, roommate, brother, cuddle buddy AND my son. Call me soft all you want but seeing an animal in pain, especially my own brought out more tears than I've ever put out. If he was even 6 inches closer I would have been paying for a cremation today. So thankful that he's still around to shake a paw, whiz on the carpet or even drop a fart during a movie. Keep your pets close people because you never know when a set of headlights approaching can put an end to everything you love. I know I will ❤
justinrz 169w ago
I dream of snow in the summer and sun in the winter. I guess it's true that men want what they can't have. But then again, I'm not even a man. I'm a 26 year old soul in the body of an 18 year old with the maturity level of a 6 year old. Hell, I still pee my pants on occasion and have trouble tying my shoe laces! Well I got a little off topic here. That's the ADD kickin in but hey that's a whole nother story. Anyways, I love and miss you winter, see you in a few months and we can get upside down again ❤