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lanitrock 276w ago
two open faced turkey sammies: one: pesto, blueberry + basil. two: hummus, sriracha, blueberry, feta + cucumber. also this garlic chives root i found while digging in the garden. edible?

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dba opens tonight at @bigpictureslosangeles 🌸
it's a true honor to be part of this beautiful show alongside so many incredible artists.
thank you all for your beautiful, loving presence last night. national peace service, site 01, will be on view at @hildegallery until nov 4. i will visit periodically to activate the space and facilitate a continuous evolution of the installation throughout its duration. photo by @_astrid 🌸
illuminated truth; i love you.
national peace service, site 01, opens at @hildegallery this saturday, 10.7 from 5-8pm. thank you, i love you. 🌸
national peace service, site 01, opens at @hildegallery next saturday, october 7th, 5-8pm.
ascension signpost portal; 3d -> 5d electric light-speed superhighway.
@kelceyayer's beautiful solo project @jawsoflove debuts on @hypem today ! 💙🙌🏼🌸
o beloved eternal blossom, fearless and unable to become anything but what she was meant to be.
unlocking portals to divine transformation.