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  Posted: Jun 26, 2012 7:38 PM FEED
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and so I found myself overdressed,

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What a glorious morning! There’s a new child joined my son’s class, who doesn’t speak much English yet, and watching them start to build friendship across our artificial barriers of language, culture, faith and nationality gives me more hope than I usually feel about the current state of the world. Maybe we aren’t doomed after all. Too profound for a Friday? Have a great weekend anyway. // #fromwhereistand #travelswithmyphone #momentsofmine #thankful
User Image travelswithmyphone Posted: Nov 21, 2017 4:59 PM (UTC)
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I’m just back from an extraordinary afternoon being treated like a princess by @thebalmoral @hamiltoninches and Patek Philippe (obviously I tried on all the watches) learning about their brands’ history and climbing right up inside the iconic Balmoral clock tower. There’s really a lot of stairs, but it’s worth the climb. // #balmoralmoments #myhi
I’m doing something really fun and completely new to me, which I can’t tell you about until Monday, all I can say is thanks @poorhibby you’re a total legend. Sorry if that’s a bit criptic, here’s a photo of Victoria St to make up for it // #irrelevantcaption #travelswithmyphone
Do not adjust your eyes: @walkerslater’s shop is built both on a curve and a steep slope. Quite normal for the street that inspired Diagon Alley. Trying not to buy everything from this treasure trove of tweed loveliness while returning clothes from yesterday’s fun shoot with @voodooJason. I’ll share a sneak peek soon, but we now know that tweed and unicyling go very well together // #walkerslater #travelswithmyphone
Another one of those days where I failed at adulting, and the sun seemed to be going down before it had properly risen, but hey, all the happy news from Australia today is lifting my heart up // 🏳️‍🌈🇦🇺❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #marriageequality #lovewins
I’m having one of those Mondays, hope yours is going better. Meanwhile, any Scottish friends likely to be heading from Perth to Edinburgh this week so I can be reunited with my handbag? 😫 I’ll pay you in cakes // #travelswithmyphone #theprettycities #thisisedinburgh #shotoniphone #imanidiot
Autumn rainbow 🍃🍂. All is well with the universe today (just so long as I spend time outdoors with my family and ignore the news) // #fromwhereidrone #djiglobal #sandmarc #WHPfindthelight
Making the most of the late Autumn sunshine for a quick picnic, even though I'm right in the centre of Edinburgh, I'd like to pretend I'm in the countryside surrounded by nature. The crisp taste of @CopellaJuice certainly helps me enjoy this moment, plus lots of cake of course. Now if only we could only have a few more days like this before all the Autumn leaves get blown away. // #CopellaJuice #ad
Edinburgh doing her best MC Escher impression (this is the view from @camobscura1 where we are celebrating a friend’s birthday, I’ve not been for years but it’s seriously fun, full of optical illusions and weird stuff) #notanad #theprettycities #travelswithmyphone
Last of the light on Stockbridge Colonies- these houses were built by and for the workers that built Edinburgh’s New Town (by “new” that means 18th century) but are now quite a bijou place to live. They’re actually flats, the upstairs has a door on the opposite side to the downstairs and that way everyone gets a garden, neat huh? They’re quite common in Edinburgh but I’ve not seen them anywhere else // #travelswithmyphone #thisisedinburgh #igersedinburgh
Sunday treats - blooms from my favourite @narcissus_flowers to celebrate getting through 5 days of solo parenting without any major disasters so far... (the cats will probably eat them as soon as we get home. Send gin please) // #theprettycities #travelswithmyphone #underthefloralspell
User Image travelswithmyphone Posted: Oct 31, 2017 4:01 PM (UTC)
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Old town pigeons. Half close your eyes and they're a cloud of bats, appropriate for Edinburgh's history of Jeckyl and Hyde, Burke and Hare, not to mention one Tom Riddle whose grave is tucked away just behind that spire // #thisisedinburgh #travelswithmyphone #halloween2017
I love Scotland so it feels disloyal to say this, but winter here is cold, damp and lacking in daylight and after 14 years living here I'm ready to migrate somewhere warm for a couple of months. Any ideas where we should go, or has anyone tried one of those daylight lamps? // #notmypanni #toscanaovunquebella #travelswithmyphone