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„ If you can only visit two continents - go to Africa twice” ♡ 🐘 ♡ Welcome at Okavango Delta. | #irefDiscover
Exploring my new home for the next month with a real Bushmen - hello Botswana you had me at hello ☼ | #irefDiscover #africa #botswana
It took me 2 days to get here - into the middle of this ever respahing, tender giant. The Sahara, a place of silence and breathtaking views under the burning sun of Africa, but most of all a place without expectations. ☼ ☾ ☼ | #irefDiscover #sahara
On my first day in Fez, of course I had to visit the famous tanneries within the Medina. The tanneries are composed of numerous stone vessels filled with a vast range of dyes and various liquids spread out like a tray of watercolors. Dozens of men, many standing waist deep in dyes, work under the hot sun and a horrible smell tending to the hides that remain soaked in the vessels. The workers turn them into high quality leather which gets further processed into products such as bags, coats, shoes, and slippers. This is all achieved manually, without the need for modern machinery, and the process has barely changed since medieval times, which makes these tanneries absolutely fascinating to visit. Respect to all these wokers. | #irefDiscover #morocco