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Kool-aid play dough this morning. One of them doesn't like the texture. Guess which one?

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The boys found a “Kindness Rock”. Passing it on! #CollierRocks
Ugh. My pantry "after" looks like the "before" photos for other people 😞 I really tried! #organization #pantry
Still need to clean up after #margaritamonday Getting back to normal around here after the hurricane means the kids just went back to school yesterday and we made up for weeks of craziness and evacuations by condensing our social life into one wonderfully busy day. #bestneighborhoodever
No school all week 😞 so I'm breaking out the crafts.
Recovery efforts are going slowly but surely here in Naples. Many surrounding areas are in bad shape. We spent yesterday shopping for toiletry items, bedding etc. for families in nearby communities and donating kids books. Want to do more.
Considering the center of #irma's eye came directly over our neighborhood, we fared well. Just got home today to survey the damage. A/c and internet are back. Still under curfew and have to boil water but our home is dry and intact so we're unbelievably grateful.
Scenes from an evacuation. Getting out of Florida ahead of #irma #hurricaneirma took an exhausting two days but we're pulling into downtown ATL now. This is very stressful but we're making the best of it. It's not easy to not know how and when we can get back home and what it will be like when we get there.
The water aisle. #irma
Nothing else in the world matters to me right now other than getting my family away from this threat.
Near peak #eclipse at my house. I believe we had 80%. Then we passed glasses around at the school bus stop. It wasn't too hot for a few minutes!
😭😭😭😭 I thought I'd be happy today, but Middle School, people! Middle School!
😭😭😭😭 #firstdayofschool #ccps1stday
Will be up and running soon- fingers crossed! After pushing it along for 8 years, the iMac is getting replaced. Transferring the data is taking days 😯
Mommy and me. I liked his so much, I had to get my own! Today we match. I can't help it, they're perfect travel shoes. Heading home after a week's vacation.
Went for a drive. We don't have overlooks in Florida. #blueridgeparkway
First hour of the day: wake kids up, feed them, makes lunches and snacks
Second hour of the day: drive kids all across town to different camps
Third hour of the day: float in the Gulf of Mexico