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User Image austin.mackay Posted: Jun 26, 2012 12:00 PM (UTC)

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I ain't got shit to do tomorrow we up all night. 630am Sales bfast after grad.

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I’m not trying to hype up these ice castles or anything... but damn, if you haven’t visited already, you really should 🔥
It’s really easy to get addicted to these ice castles when they’re right across the street from your workplace... and I didn’t know this, but they make them bigger and bigger everyday. It’s already colossal, I can’t imagine what’s next 🤯
I always love the feeling of exploring new places during/after a fresh snowfall. When the temperature isn’t 20 below zero and the water is still flowing beside you, it makes for a perfect day. ❄️
Every year, @icecastles_ chooses 6 locations across North America to create these mesmerizing castles made of ice (pretty self explanatory.) This year they picked Winnipeg as one of their top 6! It’s a remarkable structure and if you haven’t visited yet, you’ve got to check it out! #whpspontaneous
Most of the time during winter break the weather was anywhere from -30 to -40 degrees Celsius, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying our time skating through the forest in the coldest of temperatures. ⛸ #whpspontaneous
I know it’s cliché to say, but 2017 had to have been one of the best years yet! I was fortunate to explore so much of my home province under the employment of @travelmanitoba. I visited spots in Alberta I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve met so many amazing people and got to spend the summer with my best friend 💕 Couldn’t have asked for a more amazing year! And of course, thank you for another year full of support from everyone helping me pursue my dreams creatively. 😊 Some big things on my radar for 2018 and I cannot wait to share them with you all. 🥂 Happy new year!
User Image austin.mackay Posted: Dec 27, 2017 3:54 AM (UTC)

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With the windchill tonight, it’s supposed to feel like -37 Celsius... safe to say I’ll be staying inside! Except my car battery just died so maybe I’ll deal with that first... hope everyone is having an awesome holiday!🎄
Cozy winter fire anyone!? 🔥 Who is going away for the holidays this year?
Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah!!! Happy Hanukkah to all my fellow Jewish friends. 🕎 Where are you buying your Hanukkah/Christmas gifts from? Online or in-store? I’m very curious 🛒
I’d make a caption about walking in a winter wonderland, but I’m pretty sure this photo speaks for itself ❄️ ALSO, if you want to order some CANVAS PRINTS for the holidays, you have 2 hours left!! 40% off! Happy holidays ❤️
User Image austin.mackay Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:01 AM (UTC)
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I know I keep switching between fall and winter (mainly because I don’t know what season I want more,) but I stumbled upon this photo today and needed to share it 🛶 🛶
User Image austin.mackay Posted: Nov 23, 2017 3:59 AM (UTC)
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The last bit of fall remaining as winter begins to takeover. 🍂❄️
Happy birthday to this cool chick 😎 I know I said it last year, but you’re still the only reason I’d ever visit Saskatchewan. #travelMB