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And equestrian issues...

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It's @dariahahahaha and i's birthdays . Super special surprise @reneelefav made the night with her appearance . She rules ! 😏😘
Queen Killer in all her freshly shaved , tolerantly bathed glory . 🙌🏼
Three years ago I showed up at this guys house to make bratwurst . I must have looked really great casing those sausages , because he proposed 5 weeks later . ❤️
Can you spot the great horned owl ? @dariahahahaha and I found this guy at the park yesterday . Now there's a pair in the front yard flirting loudly . 🦉
It's tough being the weirdest , wildest , comfiest creature . 😒
I wish I got to see this beautiful human more , thanks for visiting @yourfavoriteashley 😎
Rollie , that car is one butt only. -"No"
But have you ever been mega-manipulated ?
When your husband takes off mid-conversation to fetch the bone of your dreams from a nearby creek bed .