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Percy graduated from school tonight and I'm a v proud dog-mom.
Today is my last day in the studio before I leave next week for Camp APP, the APP's advanced curriculum seminar retreat! I am so excited to attend camp again this year, and look forward to coming back to the studio on the 10th with even more knowledge! 💕😆
Little guy's been having some allergy troubles, but he doesn't seem too upset about all the extra baths he's getting lately. #percyhouseparty
Cross-posting from @brilliancepiercing because I love that her highlight matches her new nostril piercings!
#safepiercing #appmember
How many baby ducks? It doesn't really matter, because none of them want to be cuddled anyways.
After a couple days off I'm back at @brilliancepiercing this week! Thanks to everyone for being so understanding while I was away! 💕

#safepiercing #appmember #fauxrook #viennava
It's #nationaldogday ? Oh, okay. I love that he's only 3 but his snoot is already starting to go gray #percyhp
Birthday piercings are the best piercings! 🎊😆🎉
Hey guys guess what...I'm back to being a regular APP member again now that @brilliancepiercing has passed the @safepiercing test! I was a business member at large in the meantime, but I'm stoked to have had the studio approved as well! In celebration of this, check out this philtrum piercing I did recently!
Spending time on your eye makeup is a super efficient use of your time when you wear glasses because everyone can TOTALLY see it. Right? 😝🙃