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melonze 277w ago
Strawberry shortbread deliciousness

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Reese is trying out Halloween costumes. Gypsy lady looks pretty hilarious on her.
Hanging with my love, celebrating newlyweds @tonia0130 & Jason in hometown #3. 💜
Working hard or hardly working? Someone just wants to nap.
melonze 10w ago
I'm the luckiest girl ever because this guy was born. Happy, happy, happy birthday my heart!! 💜🎂🍾🎉
melonze 12w ago
I love a great country road at dusk, compete with the smell of sweet summer grass, and critters munching in a field. 💜
melonze 14w ago
Huge thanks to @chuck_and_dons in NE MN for Reese's birthday bag. Not only did mom and dad pick up birthday presents for her - but she got extra treats and loved everything!! Such an awesome surprise. 🥓🌭
melonze 14w ago
My best girl, otherwise known as the queen of side-eye, turned 10 today. I can't believe she's been with me for a decade. Love, love this little sassy nugget so much. 💜
melonze 16w ago
At the beach with my mama - our favorite summer spot. It could only be better if my Michael, @terrapandy, and Bub were here. 🌞🌊🏖
melonze 19w ago
Just hanging out with a sweet Puffin. Named him or her Luffin...since they're here to nest and make Puffin babies. 😉
melonze 20w ago
Magical monstrosities and minuscule particulates. Also, never turn your back on the ocean...a sneaker wave might grab you.
melonze 20w ago
Seljalandsfoss was gorgeous in so many ways. Our waterfall cave adventure was by far the best thing we've done thus far! If you go, don't miss the last small waterfall with the cave...we almost did.
melonze 20w ago
Day 1 in Iceland - the Blue Lagoon, and jet lag recovery.