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  Posted: Jun 25, 2012 11:45 PM
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Packard's Parking Structure | Since entering the Plant we had been working our way towards Packard's 7 story parking structure on the far opposite end of the building. When the plant was in operation 60+ years ago, completed automobiles were stored in the structure before being transported to dealerships that primarily catered to the wealthy. The structure is obviously much different now.

Huge sheets of steel lay across gaping holes in the parking ramp. Some of these holes were so big they could have easily devoured a full size truck. Piles of old tires and burned books lay scattered across rooms. At one point we turned a corner and were met with a horrid stench. Upon doubling back we looked down only to find a dead dog wrapped in a cloth tarp...a long wood stake wedged under it's cheek bone. In a way, the parking structure seemed to hold darker stories than the Plant itself.

  • Damn. Poor dog.

  • real urban exploration Adam. so sorry to hear about the dog

  • Magnifico!

  • azysko 5y ago

    Wow! It's amazing what you uncover in places like that

  • If I could set this to music it would be The Last Spike by Cowboy Junkies: "Mornings feel so damn sad these days, without the call of the 8:15.
    That old familiar echo has finally died away, leaving nothing but a chill-
    where there once was a mighty scream..." once again, bravo Adam.

  • Great photo and story behind it!!

  • Do you hear the ghostly screaming, Adam? "Boooooook!!!" seriously - great shot, and super interesting, albeit somewhat gory, description. With @kalais2 Pam's help, this could move beyond book and become a movie!!

  • j.osh 5y ago

    Love the perspective of this shot Adam!

  • dcemmy 5y ago


  • Amazing Adam!

  • Keep it up Adam, looking forward to the next installment. Still waiting for you to run into a gang of hobos in here.

  • motima 5y ago

    Take care while exploring these enormous open spaces. We are all following 😃

  • Great photo mate! Serious ruin

  • @steveyegelwel Thanks Steve!

  • Haunting!! But great pic!!

  • Such a great series, love reading the background to these shots.

  • @magicmarco @danielji Yeah it was a sad and grim experience. You could tell it had only been there a few days. I guess those are some of the things you risk running into at places like this though. I'm just glad it wasn't wasn't something else 😳

  • @murcielaguillo Thank you! 😃

  • @azysko Absolutely. Luckily it was the only thing of that kind we ran into 😳

  • @kalais2 Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Great connection 👍

  • @lorystory Thanks Lori! It's amazing that this area could have that "chilling effect" considering it was one of the most well lit areas we explored that day!

  • @geekgeekgrl Thanks Kristi! 😃

  • @derblutenkat : The impact of the words with image are right on... I've read about Packard many times in various articles and books, and I've seen plenty of Urbex on the site, but your interpretation is individual, unique and well researched. Bravo...

  • @crose6584 Super glad you find it engaging Chuck. I considered leaving the dog out of the description thinking "Is this a necessary detail?". Ultimately, I felt, since it was authentic to the experience, it should stay 😁

  • @ohmyjosh_ Thanks dude! Quite possibly my favorite perspective of the day. Glad you liked it too! 👍

  • Totally agree Adam!

  • @dcemmy Thanks a bunch Emily! Like I've said, this place is a perspective shooters playground 😃

  • @dadseyeview Haha! Check the description of the 3rd image in the series : "Welcome To Packard". We didn't get too close to anyone the whole day surprisingly. Closest we came was right when we entered and a group of Scrappers were busy down the hall 😁

  • @motima Thanks! Made it home in one piece. Surprisingly neither of us walked out with even a scratch after exploring the Plant all day 😃

  • @medes101 Thanks Michael! Glad you liked this one! 👊

  • Totally agree Adam!

  • @kringzer66k Indeed! Thanks!

  • @leeturner Thanks a lot Lee! Appreciate the feedback and encouragement. Means a lot! 😃

  • @urbancurse Appreciate that man. It's been fun and something new. The two should go hand in hand right? But I definitely wanted to take a different route than I had seen before. A lot of the inspiration came from @monkone's attention to detail, research and accurate portrayal of the places he visited. I wanted to make it authentic and give people an idea of what it was actually like to be there. I even considered doing a guide of some sort after we visited but we didn't explore enough to do a project of that scale justice. 👍

  • bhoepa 5y ago

    Wow. So much details. Amazing.

  • 💔

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