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Kale rice & bacon mmmm

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I actually paid a visit to my website today and blabbed a bit about a few of my favorite anti-inflammatory herbs and oils.
I spend a lot of internal time on managing my Lupus in constant assessments of my body, mental function, and fatigue - these are a few things that help ease the physical manifestations - and growing what I can gives me the freshest, most volatile ingredients possible. Since getting off scripts, and making the change to a variety of internal and external herbal aids, I have had fewer flares that haven’t lasted more than 5 days. Dig deeper, reach further, work harder, reap the wealth.
We came across this pic of my mama and her papa last night ... I told her it needed to be framed immediately. By the time I came along, his tattoos were faded and covered in thick, white hair but his eyes were just as icy blue - a middle Italy gift that never made it past my gran’s stubborn Sicilian genes. 💙
Yesterday was sun-drenched and warm, today is misty, wet, and cold. It must be October. I’m making great progress today on number 5/20 with a little help from the @lorepodcast hole I stumbled into this morning 🙊
Totally amused by hubs flipping pages and commenting, “oh these rope baskets are cool... this salted caramel apple pie sounds good... they show how to re-season cast iron!...” 😂
Mmm mmm mmm happy mail day.
Also, if you haven’t put in your order for this hunk of magic, you probably should. Currently feeling a bit overwhelmed and honored to be included in such an impressive collection. 📸 cred for Cicely @mpasley
My beautiful fire-haired girl landed in NYC this morning. She has already lost her wallet with her ID and debit card in New Jersey, which, ironically, is printed on her shirt in this pic. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m gonna say her trip will surely get better from here!!
I might be breaking a record for number of pieces test blocked in a row... so, while that situation is going on I have to play with this yummy yarn. Dammit. 5/20
Case of the Mondays? This should help cheer you up.
Family is in town from far and wide and the girls finally had the opportunity to meet my youngest cousin. To say they all hit it off would be an understatement!
#famiglia #wigsforthewin
The old boy’s age is starting to show and these past few days have be tough. By mama’s side is where he seems to want to be and so we are. Hubs even forfeited his side of the bed last night so that big brown could stay beside me 💛 4/20
Just over here celebrating the fact that - for the first time in my LIFE, I started and finished 2 full-length sleeves in one day. All the false starts were worth it because this couch-matching cardi is a knock out. 💥
With auntie for less than an hour — already soaked and covered in mud. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Happy October! We got to meet this wee pup today (and her proper puppy breath 😍)
Hitting the slope. Half of our yard has been fenced off for just over a year - making our way to filling it for the orchard, but for now it’s a buffet of pokeweed, marigold, and walnuts... and as we discovered today, newly home to random corn, sunflowers, nightshade, and mushrooms. ✨
It’s actually cool enough to break out the Bistort this morning!! .
The other day we were leaving for school and Mae said - oh! It’s cold out! I’ve been waiting so long to say that. - me too, girl. Me too. #bistortpullover
I’m on the third incarnation of a cardigan. Phase 1 had a cable that just wasn’t doing it. Phase 2 revealed shaping that was too shallow. Phase 3 spontaneously manifested magic pockets and I’m starting to feel the charm.
Despite all this ripping and re-working, pieces 3/20 and 4/20 are both nearing their half-way points a full month ahead of schedule.
I’m teetering in that horrid place of wanting to share progress and not being able to share progress (😭) so, rather than disappearing entirely, here is an example of how we planned to unload some of blind melon’s eggs after being gifted a bunch of 18 count cartons. Keeping styrofoam out of the dump and forcing people into trying a half dozen pee-wees 👉🏽 that’s a win-win situation right there.
Happy autumn equinox... I think.
It's a sweltering 96 degrees but I'm dressed to match my knitting so, I guess there's that.
4/20 ⚡️
Last night we learned Mae had no idea I was working on another book. She actually had a minor tantrum, saying she didn't want me to work on another book, and we all just looked at each other. - um, babe, I've been working on it for a month. - you have been ? 😲 ?
🤦🏻‍♀️ sometimes I wonder what the heck is going on around here.
Once or twice a year, everyone comes home to find the living room rearranged.
Most times I get a cringe or sigh or a downright "ugh" but as hubs said today, this space is my office. If I'm gonna have to be here all day every day, it's got a work for me. For now, it does.
This is something my mom and I did frequently, on weekends into the wee hours when I was a little thing, and I'm afraid it's just written in my code. ↗️↔️↩️