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cepilb 277w ago
Basil does not like this getting up early business. He does, however, like my (our) new fur blankie.

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cepilb 5d ago
Sono Sundays with @silvyandvixen are the best hangover cures 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
cepilb 6d ago
Ben is enjoying our new living room
cepilb 1w ago
Please admire my beautifully blooming jacaranda 😍
cepilb 1w ago
First real purchase for the new house from an old fave - thanks @rangeantiquestoowoomba for this beautiful piece 😍😍😍
cepilb 1w ago
Lovely afternoon celebrating #babyEspley with these two beautiful ladies 😍😍😍
cepilb 2w ago
Last hoorah lunch with my love 😭😭😭