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Forever having an old lady soul who loves to decorate for every season 🎃👻🕷
Happiest of birthdays to this queen! I miss you at work but I love you forever. Thank you for always encouraging me to waste money and always making me laugh 💗💗💗 #slyfox #pudwinkle
Irma brought me a giant pool!!! I will be housing millions of tadpoles for the next few weeks but in the meantime if anyone wants to float around on cute floaties or use my power lmk! 💗 #irma #floridalife
This rockstar is finally 29! I love you even tho you're old 💗💗#ripbbqbar
The legend himself @bobhurley ! Thank you for always being an inspiration!! So good to see you! #surfexpo #surfexpo2017 #hurley
I can't believe 30 crept up so fast! You are one of my longest, dearest, beautiful inside and out friends! I love you and can't wait to come visit you soon! These photos were the least embarrassing and I think sum up our friendship pretty perfectly! 💗💗💗 #sparksmademedoit
Cheers to Katie getting old!! 💗💗💗
Forever coming up with new things for all the fish (thanks to my 3 Captain brothers!!) Made a sesame crusted tuna salad with homemade wasabi vinaigrette! 🐟🥗 #eatraw #yellowfintuna
I got to see the @hellokittycafetruck today!!💕 thanks @meghananaannini for coming with me since I had to have a picture to document this perfection!! #hellokittycafetruck #hellokitty #altamontemall
How to get 2 princess chi boys to enjoy the pool: put them on a giant heart shaped float of course! 🐶❤️🐶 #poodlechihuahua #appleheadchihuahua #bando #dogdaysofsummer