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  Posted: Jun 25, 2012 12:13 PM FEED
2 Valencia

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Portrait of a dreadlocked beauty who may or may not have just stumbled out of an enchanted forest, who knows, taken at #brunchelectronik 🥀
@brunchlisboa is kinda refreshing. People go to have fun rather than to be seen, spend their time dancing more so than taking selfies, and many actually truly have their own unique style. In short they #dgaf. I just go to shoot but if you like electronic music you should check it out. My shots up now on @maximarevista
Posted: Mar 5, 2017 9:11 AM
15 Clarendon
The landscape of Serra da Estrela, a snow-covered mountainous region of #Portugal. Stayed at the edge of it for a few days and this was the misty early-morning view. | #serradaestrela #mountains #views #beautifulplaces
Posted: Mar 3, 2017 5:37 PM
13 Clarendon
Belatedly sharing this shot of my first fight. I could say the usual thankyous and that I still have lots to learn but here's the honest caption: The reason I wanted to do a fight was because I didn't know if I'd be able to handle it. What if - when you're paralysed from nerves and exhausted and backed into a corner with punches raining at your face - what if you just break down and give up? That was my biggest fear, not that I might lose. I think I'll keep fearing that as long as I fight.
Boxing is hard. My opponent was super aggressive, but, like me, she's still learning and she made a lot of fouls. By round four I was staggering around with blood all down my face feeling faint but I kept going, so I have to be proud of myself for that. 😜 This sport has been a massive mental and physical challenge for me, but that's what I love about it. Cliche I know - but it's the challenges that make you grow, so find something that scares the 💩 out of you and go do it. Then go do it again. | 📸 @alvaro.silva.silveira | #fightlikeagirl #girlswhobox
Posted: Dec 23, 2016 4:34 PM
14 Normal
How do you put #love in a box & send it overseas? This is how. There's nothing quite like a care package from home! Thank you @yeahwhuteva! 🤗❤📦 | #shapes #peanutbutter #t2tea #scribblesfrommyneice #carepackage #vegemite #gotmynameonit #sohappy
I got the keys to the castle. 🔑Literally, because in #Portugal they just leave them lying around. #SoPortuguese | #supersize #giant #mysterious #oldkey #castles #tomar
I took this shot at Vatican City and just kinda liked the action of the #Priest moving between the guards. 😌📷 #throwback #travel #vaticancity #rome #mybestintravel
I love pom-poms mostly because they remind me of my grandma ❤️ We used to make them as kids and she'd knit them onto slippers. Obviously, they looked nothing like this. | #sidetracked #modalisboa #streetstyle #shoestagram #pompoms #shoeaddict #shoesoftheday