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  Posted: Jun 25, 2012 6:34 AM FEED
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smdbj 5d ago
so happi i got to hang w my tattoo twin last night ❣️#adultlyfetoobusy #grain #vsco #tb
smdbj 1M ago
when they just know to take 30+ photos when you ask hahahah❣️so thankful for this 3 day weekend
smdbj 1M ago
bc it's been over a month & ive never gone this long 😶 | payten's bday duffy boat adventure✨
smdbj 2M ago
🔮🦄💐🍭🌸 | so happy I finally get to not only attend but BE in a wedding at Venue, where I used to be the one polishing & setting up for the weddings...I'm so grateful!
smdbj 3M ago
congratulations to the most selfless person i've ever met, i am so happy for you 🌹you are beautiful inside & out | #serenandtaktietheknot #stillSMC
smdbj 3M ago
J.Cole last sunday w tha bae | hair colored & done by @cassandracaprihair
smdbj 3M ago
so happy for my best friend and getting married to the love of her life!! congratulations you two! the wedding was absolutely beautiful just like your guys' souls ❤️ thank you for having me to be apart of it.
ps; glad i figured out how to get you guys the two snapchat filters hahaha, it would be me 😂
love you guys 💕💕💕 | #serenandtaktietheknot #071417 #venueby3p
smdbj 3M ago
thanks for accompanying me to @j.cole ! i never wanna park anywhere else besides preferred parking now haha love you bae | #suitelyfe
smdbj 3M ago
T-MINUS FIVE DAYS✨ | the wind was on our side this night 💖
smdbj 3M ago
in honor of National Kissing Day being yesterday & this girlies wedding being exactly 1WEEK you girl ✨ | #serenandtaktietheknot #7days #vegas