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luxkong 277w ago
Sunday Funday don't stop, just biked from West Oakland to Berkeley and now having an ice cream break. Went with avocado tonight. #IceCream #Berkeley #Bikes #RoadBike #TrackBike #Fixie #17MileRide #OneDollar #GFK with @chiamx @jnav1 & @rudyrunster

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With absolutely no promotion or advertisement since we launched @CandyCowJerky 17 days ago we just hit 750 pounds pre ordered. That to me is just amazing on a whole new scale, we just let the jerky do all the talking for us. I know we're pretty backed up with orders right now but we're working around the clock to keep up with demand. Thanks for being so patient and we're getting everyone's orders out in the order they came in. Cheers and thank you guys! #Hennessy #Blessed #BeefJerky #CandyCowJerky #DrankHalfBeforeIThoughtAboutTakingAPicture #HappyFriday #Jerky #GFK
23 packages with 36 pounds of jerky being sent out to 13 different states today, barely made it to the post office in time! Texas, Virginia, Chicago, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico your fat pack of deliciousness is on its way! #GotLazyToListTheOtherStates #SharingFatThroughTheMail #USPS #Priority #Mail #Shipping #ICantDoThisSober #BeefJerky #Jerky #CandyCowJerky #CantStopWontStop #FeelsGoodWithFireBackOnMyTongue #GFK
Ever wonder how 50 pounds of freshly made beef jerky looks? Well here you go, now that's a fat stack! We went from only being able to make 25 pounds a day to 50 pounds a day. That meant doubling our equipment and production. I think we're going to keep it at 50 pounds per day maximum because we don't want to have to compromise our quality. So don't worry folks, your jerky is on its way! #SmallBatch #BeefJerky #Jerky #CandyCowJerky #MoFatMoFun #GFK
Had to take a break from making beef jerky, I think we both had a total of 12 hours of sleep in the past 10 days. No one ever said launching a new venture was easy and I'm still in shock with the massive amount of orders coming in, can you believe we broke the 400 pounds of jerky pre ordered in 10 days? Talk about Wow! Had a blast at Brian and Becky's wedding yesterday, congrats you two! I still remember when this love began! Me and my love ❤️ #ItwasAlwaysB
So much love from all over the states, I can't express how thankful I am. I know the orders keep coming in and we're pretty backed up at the moment but we're working around the clock to fill everyone's orders. Thank you for your patience and your @CandyCowJerky is on its way! Going out today are orders to New York! Oregon! Maryland! North Carolina! Texas! Las Vegas and it just keeps going! #BeefJerky #Jerky #CandyCowJerky #WeShipAnywhereInTheUS #SupportYourLocalHustla #GFK
It's been non stop since Wednesday when we launched and it doesn't look like it's dying out anytime soon. You know it must be good when they hit you up late night and need that fix! Within less than 4 days we've hit a little over 200 pounds pre ordered! Thank you everyone for the support and love, we'll be shipping out all out of state orders starting tomorrow! #BeefJerky #MillionDollarSmile #ProModel #PaidModel #NotARealCustomer #ThanksForComingBy @mac_deezy_ #CandyCowJerky #GFK
Guess who I am today? If you said the "Meat Santa" then you're correct! With so much hate and negativity in the world today I'm glad I can spread some smiles and joy into the universe. Running around the Bay Area and dropping off jerky to everyone that made a preorder. Here are a few happy beautiful people with their Candy Cow Bags! I can't believe we received 124 pounds of preorders within the first 24 hours. I'm sorry if I haven't got back to you yet, I promise I will soon! #MeatSanta #34PoundsIn5Cities #DeliveryService #MakingPeopleSmileOneBagAtATime #BeefJerky #CandyCowJerky #GFK @CandyCowJerky #ThankYouGuys
Come next week it'll be 1 year exactly when me and my baby @theararifficus started Project @CandyCowJerky. We didn't have any exceptions for it, just started making small batches of jerky and having friends and family try them out. All we asked was for them give us feed back on what they liked and didn't like. Once we perfected our recipe we started taking orders strictly through word of mouth and I can not believe how crazy it's gotten. We went from slicing 10-15 pounds of beef a week to 50-75 pounds. Currently we just purchased 4 more professional grade dehydrators and a commercial Hobart meat slicer. Trying to keep up with demand is hard but we've been managing quite well with the help of family and friends. No need to keep it a secret anymore, if you're into jerky or snacking you would love our Candy Cow Jerky. It's a little sweet with a little heat! #BeefJerky #SmallBatch #Jerky #Homemade #CandyCowJerky #GFK @CandyCowJerky
If I was a pharaoh chicken king this is how I would like my tomb to be laid out when I go. Surrounded by extra chicken boobies! Whole roasted lemongrass chicken from head to toe over a bed of rice tossed in the lemongrass chicken drippings. #Dinner #LemongrassFoeYoBitchAss #Homemade #YesIEatWithMyHands #StayGreasy #GFK
After a nice long hike my baby decided to make some homemade fish tacos. We went with red snapper and she made her kickin spicy jalapeño slaw to top the tacos and you know we couldn't do Baja style without the fresh crema. #Homemade #FishTacos #BajaStyle #IOnlyHad6 #GFK
Little broski decided to make sushi for dinner again. Unagi, yellow tail and salmon hella different ways. #RollsOnRollsOnRolls #Homemade #Sushi #ImStuffed #GFK
Everyone's like OMG summers over and I'm over here super excited about the autumn leaves and earth tone jackets and hoodies I've been waiting to wear all year! Having this shrimp & grits from Aunt Mary's before we start our busy day! #BreakFat #Temescal #Oakland #GFK
Thursday night football was quite entertaining tonight, that was a close one niners! Enjoying some freshly grilled steak with tuk'prohok for dinner. #CambodianSteakSauce #GFK
I bet all you so called foodies never had this before, roasted bone marrow & smoked cherry ice cream from Salt & Straw! I can't quite describe it but hot damn it's good. I can't stop licking, it's so addicting. Line was out the door like usual but always worth the wait. #ImNotAFoodieIJustEatAlot #SaltAndStraw #MoveOverBiRite #NewIceCreamKingInTown #RoastedBoneMarrow #SmokedCherries #WeirdJustLikeMe #IceCream #SanFrancisco #GFK
Yesterday was hella fun, congrats John & Julie! Wearing that tuxedo for over 12 hours was so worth it! #Groomsmen #Wedding #NavarraLoveStory #GFK
luxkong 10w ago
I remember exactly how this love story began, from bikes to beers to brats. Congrats guys, you two are truly meant for each other! @juju510 @jnav1 the traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony was beautiful! #Wedding #MyBoyNeededAnOfficer #ThankYouFiveO #GFK
luxkong 15w ago
Ending the month with this mighty delicious fat bowl of happiness. Chunky fat pieces of beef, soft and chewy tendon in a dark rich broth. Cambodians call it Caw Kho and Vietnamese folks call it mi bo khau vi. #Homemade #MyGirlsPopsCanCook #FatBowlOfHappiness #GFK
luxkong 19w ago
Welcome to the Bay @saltandstraw we drove 36 minutes and crossed the bridge to wait in line for 45 minutes for this and it was all worth it! I got the Wildflower Honey with Ricotta Walnut Lace Cookies and Sarsaparilla & Dandelion Root beer Float! Smack smack smack! #Salt&Straw #SanFrancisco #IceCream #GFK
luxkong 20w ago
Catching up with @florencefancies over brunch on this Memorial Day. Shrimp & grits topped with smokey bacon and my bubble and squeak was delicious and that side of cheddar and grits was smackin! Always a pleasure Florence! #Southern #GFK