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  Posted: Jun 25, 2012 2:49 AM FEED
5 Lo-fi
Power Steering assist.

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Posted: Oct 19, 2017 2:43 AM
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Wrapped up this Artemis sleeve for my friend Lisa. I know should have taken a video instead, but here's some bad pictures anyways! Thanks again my friend!
Seasonally appropriate raccoon friend for Graci. Thanks again!
The walk-in gods have been very good to me lately! Made this for my new friend Ryan, amongst some really brilliant tattoos from @electrictattoonj. Thanks again! #americanatattoos
Can't beat the classics! Made this for my new friend Kolby. Thanks again!
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 1:31 AM
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All done for Jeff's front. This was the most fun, and Jeff is so tough and the most dedicated! Thank you @strangerleatherco, I really appreciate it! #americanatattoos
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 11:41 PM
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My favorite Bob Wicks design for Shai. Thanks as always my friend! #texasbobwicks #americanatattoos
More on Marie's sleeve today. Thanks as always my friend!
Wrapped up the lower part of Mitch's leg the other day. Mitch is an a great friend and tattooer, check him out! @mitchashpaughtattoo #magicalmitcherytour
Saw my friend Becky today, and we made some nature. Thanks as always! #legendarynorthamericanforestape @beckyhasrabies
Ganesha for my dear friend and expert bicycleman @oddity_cycles. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE BIKE HE IS BUILDING ME! Thanks as always Sean!
Added more to Emily's sleeve today! Some healed some, some brand new. (Center part, not by me.) THANKS FRIEND!
Made this lady for my friend Jamie. Thanks as always!
Fun fact: photographs used to take so long to make, that sometimes people died before it was finished. Thanks as always, Wade, you're the champion!
Founded Pantheropolis today on Katie. Color and some zoning laws next. Thanks again my friend!
ADVENTURE! Had a real quick visit to see some of my favorite humans ever this weekend. I did some serious adventuring with @klem1891, so serious eating with @edu_cerro, and some serious hanging at @oreillystattooparlour. Thanks to all my friends old and new that make Santa Cruz such a brilliant place. I always leave very inspired, and ready to come back!
HEY FRIENDS! Ultimate Road Dog and one of my favorite humans and tattooers, @timothyhoyer, will be with us for a bit starting Wednesday 9/20 and I'm the most excited. Hit him up at to see if he has some time left to get a tattoo from of the greatest dudes ever. (Pictured top left)
This nurse doesn't seem too positive. I made this for my new friend Andrew at one of my favorite tattoo shops on earth! Thanks Andrew and everyone at @oreillystattooparlour!
HAPPY MARRIAGE, ENDORFS! I made this to commentate my newlywed friend's @nickendorf marriage to my other friend @momma_jacjacqui_. (Not pictured: a lot of wildfires.) #wovetwuewove #mawwiage