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  Posted: Jun 25, 2012 1:56 AM FEED
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These two have a pretty cute thing going.
When @hgtv uses your kitchen in their stories. 😜
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 8:30 AM
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Truly only a face a mother could love. I'll spare you the picture of her feet. 😳😝 #georgalyn
Fall break means going into Phoenix during the day to have lunch with my mom, WITH all the kids. We don't get to see her enough. Also, Georgie's smile. 😍 #quackswell #loleelolee #georgalyn #t_wri
Decided to check out Coronado Island today. Georgie could dig for hours on the beach and the other three were right at home in the waves. Made a pit stop at @hodads1904 for shakes and then started the trek home. Georgie was happy to be in her (cough, my) own bed with her babies tonight.
Earlier, as we were walking back to the car from the beach, Lola was whining (she's a pro at that 🙄) about not wanting to go home. Max came right back with "at least it's better then nothing!". I complimented him on looking towards the bright side and couldn't agree more. #quackswell #georgalyn #t_wri #loleelolee
The view from my "office" today. Had the opportunity to come to LaJolla, CA for a few days to help stage a home. Brought the family along to play while I worked. We're staying in the cutest retro hotel directly across the street from the LaJolla Cove. Georgie really enjoys singing and dancing in front of the mirror. Thank you @graciejporter for capturing these cute photos while they played on the beach today. When I finished up at the house we hit up @wahoosfishtaco for dinner with @hoprah1976 and the girls before they headed back to Newport. The boys were so excited to play pool with each other before bed. So I threw my suit on with the girls to swim while the boys tried their hand at 🎱. Tyler got a small break from the kids and stayed in the room to watch the diamondbacks game. The last picture is the view you get at night from the house I was working on. Not a bad way to spend my day. 😉
Girls weekend in the pines. Our group was significantly smaller this year but so blessed that @mdecrow was able to join in the fun. The usual food, chatting, food, laughing, food, crying, more food with a little bit of get the point. A huge thank you to @eebagley and @elainebagley for letting us enjoy their beautiful cabin. It's always sad to see it come to an end but so incredibly blessed to have these women in my life. Love all of you. #extra #260cafe #enchiladas #worldshardestpuzzle #hotchocolate #ruttingelk #waterfall #conferencerecap #hollowmoon #depression #sistermesa #missingbabywilliam #followthelight #pizza #carbs #
The fun chaos of a birthday. I can hardly believe that our Tommy boy is 11! He's such a great kid, by far my easiest, and we're so blessed to call him ours. Happiest of birthdays sweet Thomas David! #t_wri
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 8:56 PM
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I ventured out on my own after lunch to check out a few shops, then when I was done I started to walk down the street towards the hotel. I stopped for a moment to check my subway app when I hear someone shouting "Cami!". I turned around and there was everyone, walking up the same street as I was. What in the crap are the odds?!?!? So funny.
#flatironbuilding #timessquare #hotelfarewell #donycwright