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azm424 20h ago
Plugg, plugg, plugg och mera plugg denna "underbara" morgon🙃📖 #Hjälp
azm424 1d ago
"let’s fight on
even if we get sad and unable to stand up"
azm424 6d ago
Kort dag i skolan idag, går till 11:30 och på schemat står det Vård och omsorgsarbete 1.📖 #krigafördrömmen
azm424 1w ago
"If you ain't living your life then you're dead
And sleep is its cousin so I shot my bed" #mgk
azm424 1w ago
"Jag tycker inte om öl, men den här ölen kostade 47kr, så den va billig" - @sandraakilina 2k17
azm424 2w ago
"We can keep it simple, baby
Let's not make it complicated
Labels are so overrated
Let's not make it complicated
Rules are meant for breaking, baby
Let's not make it complicated" #tattoos #ink #inked #tattoed #love
azm424 2w ago
"All these voices in my head get loud
I wish that I could shut them out
I'm sorry that I let you down" #NF
azm424 2w ago
Göra bilen ren och fin för bilträffen👅 #körba
azm424 2w ago
The tattoo is done! Didn't hurt at all😄
Meaning behind this comes from my big idol MGK: "Everyone Stand Together, regardless of age, race, social rank. Machine Gun Kelly's movement"
I love it and it have a powerful meaning to me✌🏻 #MGK #machinegunkelly #tattoo #est4life #love #happiness
azm424 2w ago
Time to sleep! More ink waiting in the morning👅 #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #love #happiness