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Thank you @miketoddsmith for making my 30th birthday the best of my life 🎈Getting to spend so much time with you + Scout, and our wonderful friends in Lake Arrowhead, Boston + Martha's Vineyard has been a dream. I'm the luckiest girl in the world and more in love with you than ever ❤️ You're awfully handsome too. #scoutleosmith
This little love of mine championed through too many shots today 😭 Sweet Scout is now 2 months old, 12.5 lbs, almost 24 inches long, and he takes up my whole heart 💕 #ScoutLeoSmith
Here's looking at you kid 😉
No one makes us happier or more full of love. @miketoddsmith and I think your sneezes and farts are the bees knees and we can't imagine life without you 💕 Happy One Month
Happy Father's Day @miketoddsmith! I have loved every minute of the last eleven days watching you love Scout, and am so excited to watch you guide + encourage him through life. He is one lucky little boy to have you as his daddy 💕 #ScoutLeoSmith
Oh how I love this incredible man + our perfect little guy Scout. So much love fills my heart watching @miketoddsmith + his new sidekick 👶🏼 Thank you all for your love and support for us-it was a smooth ride yesterday and we're now filling time with staring at this beautiful baby of ours 💕 #ScoutLeoSmith