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We debuted our brand new duo project, Pumpkins & Mums today! Be on the look out for our first single, “Their Friendship’s Disgustin’” coming soon! Head to for more info. #PumpkinsNMums #ZephyrTrainCabüs #BrandNew #etcetc
If you looked up at the full moon tonight and wondered if I was thinking of you, I was. • • •
“I hope til I die I respond to its pull /
For every eclipse, half-hearted or full /
And if you look up - I mean when, cause you will /
I will be too, the dark side means no ill / “
I thought I was done crying for the week until I started going through the photos. Thank you to everyone who poured out so much love and positive vibes this week. I needed it badly. I'm going to miss our beautiful family all being together in the same place. I ALREADY DO!! 💗💗💗
This was the moment Alice Gerrard thanked me during her Hall of Fame induction and I began weeping uncontrollably. (📸: @jonweisberger)
Back in March my Leadership Bluegrass class elected me class representative, which means today I stood up in front of the entire Special Awards Luncheon and spoke about LBG and my mission through LBG - which became the mission of the entire class: that no one ever feel excluded by/within the bluegrass community. Thank you to everyone in the audience for being so kind and warm and for once again surprising me. Here's to more surprises!
My reaction when the cashier said, "It has flowers on it though." It was HOT today. Too hot for gender constructs. {special cameo by my Mipso loves.} 📽 by @the_chris_jacobs
ROUND 2. I hope I see you a week from tonight in Raleigh for our celebration. I started brainstorming and planning for the second annual Shout & Shine in November of last year. It's hard to believe it's here and that this vision is HAPPENING. Couldn't do it without my BGS family and the amazing Jamie Katz Court. Come party and dance with the Hillbillies! 🌈#bluegrassisgaynow #ShoutAndShine #IBMA2017
I said, "I have cried along with your songs so many times." Finally met the LAW. #theLAWwon
I want you all to know that that cliff is at least a 300' drop and I wasn't scared at all... until I stood up and walked away and realized what I had just done. Fucking awesome picture, though. Thanks to soon-to-be-MFA @esthermacy for this. #cliffliving #ozarks
Highlight of this trip, highlight of the week, highlight of my MONTH! We did some Ozarks hiking today and randomly crossed paths with this lifer Greater Roadrunner in the road... running. I screamed. A lot. I have said more often than once that I would "die if I saw a roadrunner." Still living. For now. Check back. Sorry @esthermacy and @girlgotmoxie for the insane, excited babbling and exclamations. #birdnerd #lifelister #arkansassy
"Your ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it." {🎥 by @girlgotmoxie} #arkansassy #assthetic
Home from a wonderful weekend being a Right Hand. I've decided all I want to do is play bluegrass music. Full stop. Thanks, @josiehoggard for this epic, ego-stroking pic. #repost
Look at this handsome man performing on @mountainstage ! What a babe @hiltnerj !
Once upon a time I was in love with (a boy from) West Virginia. So I wrote this song about this beautiful state. Haven't played it in West Virginia for almost six years. (The lens flare was accidental, I'm not normally this angelic.) #WestVirginiaBound
I will never forget tonight, playing the most inspiring music with these two legendary women. Without role models and trailblazers like these two, people like me could not exist within bluegrass. If I accomplish anything in this little sphere of the music world, I hope it reflects the example set for us by Alice Gerrard and Laurie Lewis. My heart is full. Mountain Stage tomorrow!!
My soul is still singing. How I came to be surrounded by these stellar artists, musicians, and human beings I could not tell you. It means so much to me to be counted among these amazing folks fighting back. Make art. Resist. Your people are out there. Go find them. #folkfightsback #ilovethesetalentedhumans #queer #gay #LGBTQ
I'm kicking off Folk Fights Back for LGBTQ rights this Sunday with a solo set - just me, the banjo, and a bunch of gay songs. Come out, support the Oasis Center, and ogle Sam Palladio with me. OH AND MARLENE IS PLAYING A SET TOO! #folkfightsback #instagay
AAAAH MEMORIES. Immediately after this we sang "Once More" like eight times in a row and it was fucking perfect, but we didn't get a video of it. Sad. Here's Lonesome River. Heaven is singing in three parts - this time with @molly_tuttle and @lukebyear - even if I do look like I'm in pain.