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alt_3d 277w ago
Hey! What you trying' to push on us?

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alt_3d 3w ago
Amazing gift from the one and only @pauldudbridge. 100% genuine Solo spin off crew t-shirt. #starwars #hansolo #t-shirts #younghansolo
alt_3d 16w ago
Very happy to have this back in the collection, probs my favourite jazz/funk LP! #jackmcduff #theheatingsystem #cadetrecords #funk #jazz #vinylcollection
alt_3d 24w ago
The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Of all the unnecessary tweaks, changes and adages of the #starwars special edition trilogy, the dialogue change from Vader's "Bring my shuttle" to "Alert my Star Destroyer of my arrival" probably annoys me the most. From such a heavy previous scene, the original line oozes Vader's feelings perfectly. The change completely trivialises the the whole confrontation with Luke, throwing a wet blanket over the whole affair!! #starwars #darthvader #theempirestrikesback
alt_3d 27w ago
Vic Reeves as Kinky John from 'The Club', serialised on Bang Bang, its Reeves and Mortimer (1999). His character in Catterick (2004), DI Fowler is basically one and the same. Probably my all time favourite Vic Reeves character. #reevesandmortimer #vicreeves #vicandbobincatterick