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eypho 2w ago
Family and friends, this is such tragic news to wake up to. Let's do what we can to assist our community.
eypho 7w ago
Don't mind my puppy talk. Just two loves of my life acting curious and crazy. #happynationaldogday
eypho 12w ago
My NY babies. I love my big family. There was just so much love, support and laughter this weekend. I already miss every person I got to see and especially those I didn't.
How is it possible to feel recharged each time I come home? Is it the water? The food? The hustle & grind vibes? It's all about the people.
I'm so proud of Andy and the SDT family at the expo. We cleaned it out. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey. 💗
eypho 21w ago
Happy birthday to my husband! Thanks to the SDT fam and friends who came out. Missing a few more in this photo. Summer is officially here in the desert!
eypho 22w ago
The first time I visited Las Vegas I was around 10-11 years old. Outside our window at the MGM Grand was a huge poster of Cher along the adjacent wall. This was the height of her Do You Believe tour. We had a couple of vinyls of hers growing up too.
I, so badly, wanted to see her perform. Last night I finally did. She's 71 and still a badass.
eypho 22w ago
Baby date on Friday. Start 'em young? 😬
eypho 29w ago
They're full of personality and fill me with so much joy. Still act like pups! #nationalpuppyday
eypho 32w ago
When a coworker gives you lemons from her tree, you make cake! #meyerlemon #cake #springishere
eypho 34w ago
Happy 3rd, my fur babies! 🎉
eypho 35w ago
Um. My co-workers are the best.
eypho 37w ago
Yesterday, when the sit down started. This gathering gave a space for many who wanted to be heard, to share stories and empower each other to be open and inclusive. Las Vegas may be a small city compared to others but this desert city is diverse and growing. We are not a sanctuary city but we can change that. #nobanLV