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All cozied up for day 2 of a feverish little monkey.
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for our family and our first time hosting in our new home. Hydrangeas and maple leaves from our very own yard. 🍁🍂🦃
Seeing Hillary Clinton last night was pretty damn exciting! She has a lot of interesting things to say and I'm so glad she's not giving into all the hate. She will not STFU and that's exactly what we need. #hillaryclintonliveintoronto #hillaryclinton #whathappened #resist So happy I got to share it with my feminist partner-in-crime @maryellsbeth
Summer's like, I'm gone, I'm back, I'm gone, I'm back!
Picked up a book of poems by #MaryOliver yesterday. This is a new favourite. #trees #getoutside
Maeve's first "Girls Night Out" with mommy and Auntie @jessmac82. She had a blast! Even though she was nauseous after spinning too hard at the playground... Though when you think about it, most really awesome girls nights have a bit of that feeling!! 😁
Practicing poses with her new aviators. #coolkid
A butterfly and a green mage at Santa's Village today.
Picking hydrangeas from our very own garden. #iammarthastewart
Summer is off to a good start!
Hunger. This is my encore for #thirtydrawings which I failed miserably at this round. I'm still going to keep creating but daily might not be in the cards over the summer. Stay tuned. 😁 #minimalist #minimalism #contemporaryart #canadianart #abstractart #mindfulness #mindfulart
I felt inspired to paint after seeing the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the AGO (which was amazing) with @cherieann @maryellsbeth... While I enjoyed painting, I don't like the painting! Still counting it as a #thirtydrawings and reminding myself to make peace with the sometimes frustrating process of creation.