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  Posted: Jun 24, 2012 4:02 AM FEED
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Hefe filter cause @codydiggs is the fuckin' boss. I ain't gonna lie, I think @danfoley inched a little more height during the high air comp, but I'm loving this photo from my sniping nest on top of the dumpster. Ill get through the rest of the photos from the #ghettokov later this week so this will have to suffice for now. Great weekend, killer riding, kick ass show, half a million friends were in town, thanks so much to everyone involved. Can't wait to do it again. #puckphoto #5dmarkii #canon #bmx #callthecops #heshighaf #noracupwinner
Shot some live music with @scottycooldude last night and here's a little teaser. Multi-track audio recording thanks to @hegnerrecording, studio and cyc wall thanks to (and @hotdogwilliams for the actual construction). Incredible in studio live performance with video and audio to match. Look for the set to go live soon. Hopefully I can get through the photos next week.
What's up on this Friday night? How about some killer bands and an @fbmbikecompany video premiere? Doors at 8. Video at 9. Bands at 10.
8% of the time, you're tripping all the time. This weekend is gonna probably be part of that 8% wash. We kick it off Friday at 9pm at @wonderlandrva with a new video from @fbmbikecompany. Followed by live music at 10 from sportsbar, you go girls, and drugs & attics. It's gonna be a blast. Ya kooks better be there!
Get your Richmond bmx calendars at the @fbmbikecompany Friday the 13th ghetto kov weekend fiasco at @powersbikeshop from me this weekend. Limited run. Free/donations for more toner.
Sup with this weekend you ask? Killer show and fbm video premiere Friday night. Ghetto King of vert and props video premiere Saturday. Trails and track Sunday. No excuses, get your ass to Richmond!
@fbmbikecompany video premiere coming up on Friday the 13th at @wonderlandrva followed by kick ass live performances by Sportsbar, The You Go Girls, and Drugs & Attics. Video kicks off at 9. Bands run after. Come have some damn fun.
@blackfootgypsies opening for @therealbuddyguy in Raleigh last week. Had a great time shooting this one, definitely the fanciest venue I've ever shot photos in. And always a treat to see these boys rip it up.
Your favorite rider's favorite rider, the people's champ, @rvarob. High air winner at the #vbbmxreunion yesterday, but also winner of a ride out on a stretcher. He took a pretty rough hit yesterday when his handlebars got caught up in his flannel. Busted eyebrow, broken rib, smashed hand, but he'll be all right in a few weeks. But damn did you have us all worried there for a minute. And shout out to @tanya_arney for taking her first bmx-boyfriend-wreck like a champ. Rob definitely went big for you on that one. Also, #mcm
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 12:35 AM
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Look at this fuckin' cat! #lukesnotdead striking a nice Halloween pose and demonstrating how to chill on the porch after the swipe. #blackcat #catsofinstagram
SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! I'll call it now, I'm gonna ice to fakie a quarter pipe. Make sure you bring something to film it. #vbbmxreunion poster by @nealiwan.
Little preview of what I shot with @blackfootgypsies opening for @therealbuddyguy in Raleigh last night. More to come once I've had a chance to get through them. #olliedogg
@crandallfbm getting some prep in for the Friday the 13th Ghetto King of Vert Weekend Fiasco. It's gonna be like a @powersbikeshop jam meets an @fbmbikecompany ghetto comp with a little #puckpuckpuckfest thrown in for good measure. Bikes, all your friends, music, beer drinking, hot dog cooking, backyard camping, all the best things in life. Kicks off Friday the 13th in October at @wonderlandrva with an FBM video premiere followed by music from Sportsbar, You Go Girls, and Drugs and Attics. Come have a good time in Richmond with us!
@sick_bags this past Thursday. Only got to click a few photos cause when they said 8:30 I assumed 8:45 was fine to show up. What venue starts bands "on time"? I guess the broadberry does. But either way, catch the bags October 30th with Guantanamo Baywatch. Can't fuckin' wait for that one.
@ryanbarrett on @will_stroud's backyard ramp. Believe this ended up in @digbmx as a Ryan Barrett low profile? Was Ryan Barrett low profile at that point? Thinking 2001. But either way, @chris_doyle22 posted a rad photo recently that had some great "throwback" style to the way it was shot. It reminded me of when I was shooting more bmx and was trying to hone a similar style with my photos back then. This photo of Ryan is a prime example of me trying to do that. I think I have a hi-res scan of this because I was also in a photography class with a film scanner at the time.