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When you see a company make an amazing stand against #hatespeech and now you want to drive to #florida to drink beer with them. Thank you @alligatorbrewing
Long day. Very long day. Not a bad place to sit and recover. View of the #savannahriver a glass of #jimbeamandcoke and some #trampledbyturtles in concert on tv. #nocomplaints
#transformationtuesday I seem to remember saying I wasn't going to spend a lot of money modifying my jeep. Surely I was mistaken. #jeepwrangler
Three little bears and a little monste.......uhhhhhh I mean angel?
Starting over is hard. I have always believed that to be successful at anything you need three things.... Knowledge, Ability, and Desire. When it comes to endurance sports there was a time I possessed all three and was able to participate in some amazing events with even more amazing people. At some point the Desire went away and the other two just couldn't support the absence of the third. Watching my friends compete in #ironmanaugusta sparked a flicker of desire. Now it's time to get moving again. #knowledgeabilitydesire #running #lifeontherun
Got to see @meemstis and family this morning. She is someone that naturally pushes you to be a better HR professional. Great to see you Meema! #terriblepicofus 😊
The box is dented. I am excited and upset at the same time.
Life always changes but I don't ever imagine not loving a water view. #savannahriver
Here we go again. @americanair may have us crop dust some fields on the way to Charlotte.
Used to play hide and seek in the clothing racks as a kid. It's also a place that you can buy a lavender double breasted suit. #downtownaugusta