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Astrid is a friend of mine. Even when I should not be dancing with her.
Mezcal because adult responsibilities are too much right now.
Fluffball curled up, I should be sleeping.

#cat #bestcat #chi
My hat ends up tilted because my head is bent.
Monkeying around on a Sunday with a fresh haircut
Filter turns the tanks a really cool color. Trying to be happy on a sad day.
Artfully hiding my deformities with a smile.
When Prisma filters go wrong :P
Red nose and all, I love everything anyways
It's been a while since I posted a Chi picture.
Turns out willpower is an expendable resource.
Waiting for a movie, messing around with Prisma some more. It's a fun app.
To decisions great and small.
Not technically dieting, but everything in the fridge looked terrible.