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Amazing birthday books gratefully received over the weekend. I mean... look at these... The Moderns by my good buddy @thisisdisplay and Otl Aicher’s Isny, coinciding with London mates @dnco exhibition. Both from my missus... and the pair of Symbols and Trademarks of Canada Books (1997) from the Exeter @believeindesign gang — which will keep my busy for @canadamodern for EVER digitising!

Thanks and great work to all involved. X
Canada, 24°C in October.
Reflecting on the past 47 years.
Rare picture of me and my boys, set against the perfect backdrop.
Wonderful Civic Holiday with the family at one of my favourite institutions. cc @thisbrutalhouse
Lucky boys. Kayak adventures to Goose Island.
Graphic Transportation Services. Middle of nowhere, Ontario.