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These suckers were two by two everywhere. This poor guy was single and us man handling him wasn't gon' get him any play.

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According to rich racist America we should be grateful for what we have and don't deserve it even though the fight is still the same. Equal For ALL. When will that be true?
This have been around from before my mother was born. Over 70 years. Get with it President Tang.
So the reason I started to learn to draw was because I wanted to make a graphic novel or comic book. I have this short story and even though my art is far from what I need it to be I have started pulling the pieces together. These are the faces of my two main characters. I know it will change as I refine them but this is what I sketched last night.
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I met up with Mary and Felipe and had a great day with them at Coney Island. My offspring was there too but as usual shading the camera.
I FOUND IT!!!!!! Even though I called the crepe place and they told me it wasn't there I decided to pass by and check. The afternoon guy had put it away for me but not put it in the lost and found box.
#LostSketchbook #Found
This show was my childhood. It used to come on every Sunday on the local channel 25. I couldn't understand a word of it because it was in Japanese but I loved it. It began my love of anime. I didn't know the name of it but yay Internet, I just found it and my mornings before work will now be filled with watching 114 episodes. Five year old me would be jealous, there are subtitles!
#anime #GalaxyExpress999
My DragCon merch that is prettying up my Ikea backpack.
Blanche from Golden Girls, Lil' Kim and her Boobie, Peggy Bundy from Married with Children, I Stand With Planned Parenthood pin and my favorite ladies @DarienneLake and @MrsKashaDavis.