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Can anyone identify this #plant for me? It's popping up like crazy all over my #garden. (Yes! In January!) #plants #nature #gardening #urbangarden #citygarden
Old fashioned #toys and newfangled ones can sometimes go together quite nicely
Seven years old is an awfully good age
Today is Show & Tell at Georgia's preschool and she chose to bring the special sign that her big brother @elliotgranju made for her at camp when he got the call telling him that his baby sister had arrived 6 weeks early
It's so cold that Moses has taken to simply hanging out on the nearest heat vent #cold #winter #cats #catsofinstagram
This is what a newly minted 17 year old is looking like at our house.
I'm pretending it's spring by forcing some bulbs indoors using #masonjars full of pea gravel + water
My niece Nancy Catherine rocks the giant hair bow like nobody's business #cutekid
First #violin practice since before Christmas is proving to be somewhat painful #fiddle #music #sevenyearold #rusty
This is what happens these days when I ask the 4 year old to pose for a photo
This is what MANY hours of deep cleaning and purging-of-stuff in a teenage boy's room looks like. In the last 24 hours I've donated what had to have been 100lbs of too-small clothes and shoes dating back to middle school. Tres satisfying.
@jgranju with @elliotgranju on the day Elliot finally came home from the NICU. :-)
Happiest of happy SEVENTEENTH (!!!) #birthday to thi awesome guy. @elliotgranju makes me proud every day, and I feel so lucky to be his mama.