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  Posted: Jun 23, 2012 10:32 AM FEED
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A simple looking toast with not so ordinary kaya which i literally scraped every last trace off the plate.
It's a really satisfying experience when a simple meal can hit you with a sophisticate taste. And Rarb is certainly one of that few places that can exceptionally cater that experience.
Happiest when there's food or, especially in this case, mooncakes involve.
Perfect boost for a monday, party coffee.
Playing jenga in a bigger scale . ไหนลองดึงออกมาหน่อยซิ
#หน้าชัดหลังเบลอ #GalaxyS8TH #SelectiveFocus
ดื่มกาแฟนอกบ้านก็บ่อย แต่พอมี Nespresso Essenza Mini ก็ทำให้รู้ว่าเครื่องชงกาแฟขนาดเล็กก็สามารถรังสรรค์กาแฟชั้นเลิศได้เหมือนกันนะ แถมเอามาแต่งบ้านได้อีกเพราะไหนจะมีดีไซน์โดดเด่นและยังมีหลากหลายสีสันให้เราเลือก จะพลาดได้ไง 😘
Who says brewing a good cup of coffee is hard when you have this tiny but mighty machine at home. .
#NespressoTH #EssenzaMini
currently thinking of this hot cocoa while being blasted from the office's a/c
come for the coffee, stay for the yummy pastries 😋
i have absolutely no idea why i hadn't come to factory coffee sooner. great coffee and surprisingly good pastries. see next post for proof.
Reunited (to stuffing my face with the best pizza in town) and it feels so good. 🎶😆
saturday out and about to coffee hunting after spending the whole week catching up on all episodes thus far of GoT cuz i've just got on with the bandwagon. #betterlatethannever right?
Posted: Sep 6, 2017 11:49 AM
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got home early enough to (unintentionally) witness mother nature's magical masterpiece 🌆
the feeling when you finally reached the office on a peak rush hour morning .
#หน้าชัดหลังเบลอ #GalaxyS8TH