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courtos 277w ago
Finally named him. Dexter it is! 
  • lozlemon 277w ago

    Aw little Dexter! Haha. He'll be hunting down all the cats! You going out tonight?

  • courtos 277w ago

    im not letting him outside. he can show

  • courtos 277w ago

    off from the window.

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Week 4, session 1.
Top set of 4 squats at 127.5kg. Thanks @whoishankmoody for the spot 😊 &

[email protected] 65kg bench
Week 3, day 5.
Top set of 5 front squat @ 80kg + 5x3 slow eccentric bench at 52.5kg.
Triceps sore as all hell from paddle boarding yesterday.
Week 3, session 3.
Top set of high bar at 100kg.
Week 3, day 2.
[email protected] 137.5kg deadlifts.
Featuring Max's 30+ year old shoe 😂
Week 2, session 5.
Top set of 5 front squat at 80kg.
It's been a while.
#abtraining @kirstendoesbenchgood
Week 2, session 4.
5x3 paused deadlift @ 140kg (motherfucking hard) &

5x3 slow eccentric bench @ 50kg
Week 2, session 3 🍑
Top set of 8 high bar squats @ 100kg
Week 2, session 2.
[email protected] 137.5kg
Help! My hands hurt!
Week 2, day 1.
[email protected] 137.5kg feeling easy 😍

[email protected] 122.5kg,

[email protected] 112.5kg

Featuring the bootyful @kirstendoesbenchgood on the spot.
Week 1 session 4, with @Kirstendoesbenchgood

[email protected] 125kg, followed by [email protected] 102.5kg deadlift.
Then bench.... again 😂 top set of 8 at 55kg
Week 1, session 3
Actually did [email protected] 97.5kg squats, and this was my top set of 6 touch and go bench @ 60kg. Promise.
Got deleted from yesterday for some reason.