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@overdressed_sg is having a tea party of their own! Go over and have a peep. Don’t say bo jio.
Probably my last event as a staff of Jamiyah. Good memories and experience are fondly treasured.
My virgin HHN experience. We’ve got 2 “Superheroes” who are supposed to protect us. One of them is a laughing machine. Guess who. 😒Mehhh... I love just the rides. Ghost actors get a “Hi” each from me. One of them even replied my greeting with his plain voice after his scare attempt. Now THAT is funny. 🤣🤣🤣 #hhn2017 #HalloweenHorrorNight2017
Good wallpaper and lighting calls for an #ootd pose.
Here's my cheena model lookin' so fine! 😍 You can find her on @overdressed_sg 😘😘😘 On a side note to @natclaireng, thank you for being my doll so willingly. 😁
What's simple can be build up into something fantastic. That's how our Two-tone Tops can help you achieve. And as our Fiesta Jogger Pants? It has a life of its own! Shop now at @overdressed_sg.
I'm happy to announce my team's new baby, @overdressed_sg! Follow us to give your support, guys. It's a huge step to take for me and I'm still scared. But I'm certain it's what I want to do. So here we go!
Discovering alleys with @raudha.osman is like discovering magic that is not visible in plain sight.