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RIP Hugh Hefner, the iconic founder of Playboy magazine, died at his home. The Playboy Mansion, of natural causes at age 91.
Damn, i can’t be like him to attract beautiful women.
1 year ago I was supposed to report at Pasir Laba Camp for 1.5 weeks reservist Company Sergeant Major (CSM) course. But I could not, due to my sickness and injury. Road traffic accident involved a car driver who hit me from behind. Well now i'm PES F 😔. If only there were no motorcycle 🏍 accident, I would definitely serve my Country 🇸🇬.
15th July, is 20 years my late Grandmother died in 1997. I was sad then, I'm still sad now 😭. I visit her grave every years & every few months.
May Allah bless Hajah Fatimah in her grave. Then let her be ready for the Day of Judgment for the final assessment of humanity.
My leather & loafer shoes. Pedro, Belide, Andre Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo & ALDO.
As long as i'm not too cliche. #pedro #belide #andrevalentino #salvatoreferragamo #aldo
I'm officially an Official Member of Manchester United & Premium Member of Juventus. *GGMU* *ForzaJuve* #manchesterunited #juventus
Whatever happened to us, don't commit suicide! Suicide isn't good for the dead. Depressed, psychotic, impulsive, crying out for help, have a philosophical desire to die & made a mistake. #linkinpark #chesterbennington