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Happy Birthday to my Slim Thickeeee Shawty❤️ I love you so much Murica! You're my go to and lovaaa. You always there and you make fun of Julz with me❤️ lol have an amazing day and we will celebrate soooooon!
Oh how I have missed you💖 I'll be expecting you again soon ! 😊
Happy Birthday to a real one💖 I love you so so much Mari!
Congratulations on graduating my love💖💖 so very proud of you ! Good luck at UC Davis, I know you'll do amazing! #LatePost #CCtakesUCDavis
My angel💖 i miss you so much babygirl. It's been three years since you've been gone and you still never leave my mind. I love you Abbs and every time I make brownies, I still eat a spoon full of batter for you. You'll always mean the world to me and I'll always love you. #AVLForever
Sigma Pi Appreciation post💜💛 Because it seems like I'm yelling and scolding them 9 times out of 10. I would just like to take some time to say I love these boys very much. Somehow, some way these guys weaseled their way into my life and found a permanent place in my heart. They drive me absolutely insane, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Also, boys, appreciate this because I'm not gonna say stuff like this often.