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  Posted: Jun 22, 2012 4:32 AM FEED
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On no I will be late for the seminar. So what I always have time for snapping a photo.
But today is Friday, sorry little red house, 3pm, I am off work
My office is in this little red house.
Cute, ist it?
Joined a boat tour started from Fisherman's Wharf, snapped millions of photos in the sunset
#goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco #cityscape
This bridge is amazing. My teeth were chattering and hands were trembling, but all worth it 🤗

#sonyalpha #fog #sel2470z
Small population, high living cost, freezing evening and strong wind in summer.. This city reminds me of Copenhagen
#city #sanfrancisco #california
They duplicated Venice from Italy and converted it into a hotel, oh casino integrated ofc
Even built a fake sky, so that ppl don't feel the time passing while being inside (and spending). #LasVegas #venice #bikini #red #insane #crazy
Luxury hotels next to the broken abandon sites
This city operates 24/7
Those try-hards are working more hardcorelly than Shanghainese
#LasVegas #insane
They say Las Vegas has 294 sunny days per year. Lucky us, catch the storm

#excaliburhotel #castel #bizzare
Insane hotel
In the beginning I didn't believe this castel view in their photos on Now I see it on my own
#excaliburhotel #castel #crazy
I think I need a sunrise
I'm tired of a sunset
Here it's nice in the summer
Some snow would be nice
I think I'll go to Boston
I think that I was tired
I think I need a new town
To leave this all behind
"My eyes were closed 😒"
"Well at least you were in focus 😉"