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I don't get to do nearly as much illustration work as I'd like to, so was super excited to do the artwork for my brotha @djagana's new mix, "Steady"!! Think it came out pretty cool ☺️ 🎨✨ Make sure to listen to the mix, I'm definitely going to have it on repeat! (link in bio!) Hit me if you need illustration work! 😁 // 📷 Photo by @misacat_ ✨ // #doodlesbyjordan
기회가 기다리고있다 🇰🇷 // SO, the main reason I went to Seoul was to shoot for @izro_official, a super awesome clothing brand based out of Korea! Was both nervous and excited to be shooting for a brand from another country.. but feelin pretty happy with the work we made!! ☺️✨ more to come! // model: @d0_dam
스타일의 신 ✨ // Doesn't matter where you go in the world.. there will always be those people who are just a lil swaggier than the rest of us.. 😭👵🏼👑✨ #seoulstreetstyle
새로운 시작✨ // So much cuteness, everywhere 😩
꽃잎 장식 // Too much sauce!!! Loved this couple's outfits. Tattoos were so cool too ✨
급하게 어른이 되려고 하지마 천천히 가라구 // Make time to exhale.✨
대기 게임✨ // Snapped while waiting for the bus somewhere in Hongdae! Tummy was at max bulgogi capacity. // The city streets are just so glowy at night, makes it feel like all these little scenes from a movie✨
여행 ✨ // So this has been my 4th trip to Seoul! It's been fun becoming more and more comfortable navigating the city and exploring it via the busses and trains! Love that at any point on a route, it's a small representation of the people in that neighborhood or community. Busses also always have the best window lighting! 😁✨
비가 아름답다 // Seoul's been such a lovely city to shoot in ✨ Every street is so picturesque ✨
Reunited in Seoul with @sooeatsyourstreetforbreakfast! // Soo has one of the most adventurous spirits I've ever come across ever! She visited me in Seattle earlier this year before embarking on a 4(?) month long quest upon a sailboat. Sailed around the world shooting with her film cameras and documenting the epic journey. Last night was the opening for her photo exhibition at @canonkorea! The photos from the trip were so amazing ❤️ Was a coincidence (but not a coincidence) that I happened to be out here when she was having the opening! Meant to be ✨
Life update:📍I'm currently in Seoul, South Korea! ✨ Pretty excited! Got some cool opportunities cookin, but even better, I'm makin a bunch of awesome friends! 😊✨ // Any creatives out here that I need to link up with?! 🇰🇷✌🏼️#matchymatchy
A very epic human✨ // Meet @ange.sea! She's probably my coolest friend. Always schemin, always steezin. // photo snapped around 1am in some parking lot. S/o to friends 1x ✨
Mack + Me // Gotta give a big shout out / thanks to the big homie @macklemore! Think I've been shooting w/ him for about as long as I've been shooting, period! One of the very first people to EVER give me any kind of opportunity. Really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of where pursuing your craft can take you!! So thank you for alll the inspiration 💪🏽😊✨ // New album, GEMINI out now! Go cop that. Lol the song Willy Wonka w/ Offset is kind of hard af 🔥 #GEMINI
Recently shot the cover for mans @avatardarko's new mixtape! Can't say I have ever shot a photo quiite like this before 😂 But I'm so happy with how it turned out! Thankful for the opp, s/o to #h1ghrmusic! n go check out the new project! ✨ #EPIC #🐎
All smiles with @sza last night! Seriously, what a fun show. Was like one big karaoke party 🎤 // special shout out to @k__puck#sza #ctrl #ctrltour
Woo! Had a really fun time shooting this one. // Figured my birthday might be a good time to drop a very special episode of #jordangotgigs featuring my very talented brotha, Jay Park @jparkitrighthere!!! Sometimes you end up at a basketball court in Chinatown and you just gotta get downn!😁💃🏽 I GOTTA congratulate Jay on recently becoming the first Asian American signed to Roc Nation! That's huge!! Look out, Seattle's coming for you, World!!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼✨ Song :: @Amine -'Red Mercedes' #aomg #h1ghrmusic #🎥byjordan
ah! it's my birthday!!!! I think something special about this particular one is that it was TEN years ago that I picked up my first digital slr camera!! bdays make me especially reflective and it's just so crazy to think of aaallll the beautiful experiences, opportunities, and amazing friendships that have happened as a result of me making that jump a decade ago. I could have never predicted any it! which is why I think it's just so important to go for it. whatever your "it" is. you really never know what a seemingly small decision might lead to!! and ya honestly, I have a such long way to go still! who knows if I'll ever even "make it". all I know is that the journey thus far has been a fun one! and that's kind of been the only hope I ever had for my life. that it was fun! (& if I'm lucky, maybe inspiring) we're always brushing our passions to the side but I think it's so important to act on what excites your heart. in a world as unpredictable as ours, I think we owe it to ourselves to be as honest as we can. that means being yourself and living out your truth. whatever that may be. life's too short to spend it being someone you are not. living a life that's not on your terms. this yr, all I want for my birthday is for everyone to follow their heart! make that leap of faith and do that thang u always wanted to do. it's worth it. :') so yalls, as always: love yourself, be yourself, & follow ur dreams! you can do it! 💪🏽✨ #selfportrait
@saintrecords // Solange is an epic human who makes me want to try and be an epic human too 💪🏽✨ what a beautiful performance 😩 // shot for!