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This is Hum Pah To Kah, 1855-1953.
How nobody thought to pass down the fact that I had a great great grandmother who was of the Osage tribe is a mystery.
Life is full of beautiful mysteries. Hopefully more to come...
Paul: let's increase efficiency
Mgr: say no more
Booty Machine - the "WalTec". Godlike bass sounds!
My friend Al had a summer high school internship at Wal in the 90's and they let him build his own bass. These basses sound ridiculous. The electronics are hi-fi like an Alembic. No eq needed, and the thing is super balanced tonally.
Minor medical visit... Anesthesia apparently hasn't COMPLETELY worn off @theferalerrol yet.
On today's session I got to use a primo early 60's Framus Strato. Lead pickup is LOUD and dark, sits in a mix well. It has two switchable separate master volumes, one normal and one spring-loaded "off" with a little bar that lets you simply pull with your pinky for volume swells & bowed effects!

You rarely see Framus stuff in the States, this is a killer guitar, even with the lammy neck. #framus #framusguitar #strato