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  Posted: Jun 21, 2012 11:19 PM FEED
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Another awesome and challenging @grinduro done and dusted. Lots of dust. Long trip back to Vancouver now.
As well as going to @greenline92 to get your bike needs taken care of. Head over to the Naked Lounge where you’ll get great coffee while seeing all the California college cliches you’d expect.
When you come to @grinduro and find your bike needs a repair. Guys @greenline92 will go the extra mile to get you sorted
Adventure bikes take you to more places. Like on top of bridges and stuff.
When you’re finishing a 105km gravel ride and your buddy doesn’t mind towing us all home. Thanks @ronij 🙏
My custom painted #searchxr prototype that I’ve been riding for the past year. Couldn’t ask for a better drop bar bike.
#gravelbike #radventure
Best bike ever is out today. Had such a blast on this bike for the last year. Loved working on it, proud of the result. N+1 or do it all? Both. Link in profile for the details.
@grinduro next week. Can’t wait.
A life behind bars ain't that bad. Yesterday's ride was awesome. Let me know if you're doing it and I'll gladly join for a repeat.
Happy to have worked on @samblenkinsop World Champs bike for this weekend. The perks of working with a great team and company adding a Kiwi twist.
📷 @tomivorrichards
Posted: Sep 4, 2017 6:54 PM
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After being here 3 years I finally got to get up here thanks to @patmulrooney
Two tough days climbing to views like this.
What do you do when you get to an alpine lake that was frozen over only a month ago?
Jump in
That was @d.d.webster descending. This me... getting like three feet of air. 📷 @ronij
After 1700m of gruelling elevation. Descending into Elfin Lakes for the night.