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  Posted: Jun 21, 2012 11:06 PM FEED
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lovely lunch+life lessons with my dear darling #bff @mercedezrex #fortunate

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🎈car dealership delights🤗🎈☀️ #mUymAine
🤸🏻‍♀️🤙🏽🌈thanks for all the birthday love y’all! 🎞by @popular_delusions #ashish
blessed + grateful for each of my 38 years past, feeling quite jazzed for the next.🎨🤙🏽🌈🎈
special thanks to @popular_delusions for my wonderful birthday painting, to @romega1973 for the best #casualrainbow flower delivery this morning, to #samsonsturges for being himself, + to my loving parents @carensturges @sheldon_b_sturges for bringing me into this wild adventure.
just a real wowee kazowee northern hemisphere moonrise to welcome my dear gal @brownpapercake to #campcasualrainbow ☀️⚓️💥 #mUymAine
clearing out the massive pines, to reinstate the heirloom apple orchard, means a lot of magical daylight burns here at #campcasualrainbow 🔥🌬✨ cc @romega1973 🤙🏽
$3 brown wicker from goodwill, done up #campcasualrainbow style🎨🤙🏽🌈
Posted: Sep 17, 2017 2:20 AM
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i learned some synchronized-swimming, in a Maine lake, when the little mermaid was still hot. #27yearslater video by @mercedezrexdesigns #mUymAine
an absolute delight to be able to celebrate+document your forever love, forever, + all over all the landscapes. happy 9th anniversary you special sweethearts , cheers to many more double rainbows of the perfect kind @ilovethepenguin @ouijesuis 📍🌈👫 #muymaine
when you leave the flower arrangement outside after the soirée...🦋 #lesfleursbylouise #campcasualrainbow #muymaine
what a blessed best bailey's buddy bash. thank you @carterbedloesmith @heliocampos for a most magical evening. #muymaine
celebrating 5 years of #casualrainbow marriage today!📍💪🏽🌈🥂🌿🦋🤸🏻‍♀️ thanks for the foto @sayraplayerbrodie 💕
thank you darling @claudiahanenberger for this brilliant anniversary drawing, you illustrated our likeness quite perfectly!🌈⚓️☀️#tylerandlouise