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Broccoli grew at least an inch this week! Lol.

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Cobb for one + Margarita. Just kidding my kid was here and I fed him chicken fingers and fries which he refused to eat and instead ate goldfish. 🙄
This will blow my kids mind at pick up. He doesn't get sugar cereals except on vacation. He's done with school and we're on vacation for a week! He asks for his cousins and fruit loops Bc that's his memory of the last time he had them. 😍❤️#childhoodmemories
To top the day off, busted front tooth, also he has 9000 cavities bc autism and sensory baby with a healthy dose of oral motor delay. But Bc of asthma, we aren't a great candidate for the anesthesia. They literally told me to try CHOP or Pittsburgh too. He needs to have it done AT a hospital. Just send a magical fairy dust that helps this baby. He is NOT the most medically fragile but he's not the least either.
#occupationaltherapy #asd #autism #autismawareness
Sick baby again. I swear this child and asthma/coughs. It's never ending. We just rode this train (3) weeks ago. Back on it. Operation stay out of Emergency 🚨 Department has been activated. Again. Poor sweet boy. I hope he outgrows it.
A teeny tiny (5%) of the brown sugar we will use this season. FYI, it's 104lbs purchased today, so that's almost 1000 pounds of sugar for the season. NBD. #getitdone #smallbusiness #shopsmall
I loathe ball pits but kids can sniff one out like a bloodhound. Geisinger's (local hospital) OT department has one and he found it before I could fib and say it was closed. lol. Headed back to OT and another speech eval in Nov. #asd #autism #occupationaltherapy #autismawareness
About to try an hour endurance ride and then hit the holiday business prep hard. The @onepeloton has been here for (2) weeks and this will be my 10th ride. 🙌🏻🚴
Just another fall festival in 90+ deg weather. 🍂🍁☀️This nursery is the best. Critters in cages to peer at, friendly staff, cute little festival. We went early and left early to let him admire the doors and fans in the greenhouse in peace. 👌🏻#autism
Another date night. Another cheese plate. 😊😍❤️
Omg it's here. 🙌🏻🚴 It was such a smooth purchase, and install. Looking forward to many, many, many rides. I really couldn't put myself on the back burner anymore. Jonas' schedule and trying to outdrive everyone to the spin classes by 9am after a hectic dropoff was sucking the fun out of it. It's not that I didn't have the time. It's that I didn't have the time when the classes were scheduled. When you are the primary caretaker of your child due to life, work and every other conflict (cough cough asthma flare ups), don't give up! Find a way! 😘#pelotoncycle @onepeloton
@onepeloton bike 🚴 comes tomorrow. 4 days from placing the order to delivery. 👌🏻🤞🏻🙌🏻
Throwback to our date night Sunday. Bc charcuterie and cheese. 😍🙌🏻
We made it through the night!!!!!!!! ASTHMA is the pits. We pumped his poor little body full of (3) different nebulizer drugs and amoxicillin for his ear infection topped off with some Tylenol for the fever. He is by no means the most medically fragile child but we do realize now how sensitive he is to having the common cold and environmental allergies go down hill fast. 😢he's such a trooper. Asked immediately his am if he could do his "Neby Panda" 😢😔😊which makes me sad but also proud. He's come along way to screaming and having (3) people hold him down to do the neb treatments.
Obviously this. 😂 I may just put it in my foyer. Kidding. Kidding. Maybe not. But husband will like 🙈. Who doesn't need a 🦄. Now really who can I buy this for and ship it to them as a surprise? 😉😂😅
These prints are making me want to skip the nautical theme for my kids room. #homegoods @homegoods
Roasted peaches for some belinis this weekend 👌🏻
We ❤️❤️ when you pick our caramels as your wedding favors. See more about these sweets on @drkarenslee page. 😍😍
Little dude tried bulgogi (Korean marinated beef), scrambled egg, pumpkin pancakes, tomatoes 🍅and ate a piece of raisin bread in the last 24 hours. We may have called the beef bacon. 😬If we feed him the first bites, he will try them. .
#asd #autism #feedingtherapy #occupationaltherapy