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  Posted: Jun 21, 2012 7:15 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 17, 2017 7:31 PM
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Tractor rides! 🍁🍂🍁🍂 @mrmattmyers
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 10:29 AM
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Batgirl to the rescue! 🦇💜 @mrmattmyers
When you need a little fancy with your swing. @mrmattmyers
Posted: Sep 20, 2017 1:16 AM
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Such a cutie! My darling drew her own version of her talented Auntie Lauren's chalk drawing from memory! 😍😍😍 @mrmattmyers
Posted: Sep 17, 2017 11:38 PM
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Love to see my baby happy and full of love and sunshine😊🌞 @mrmattmyers
Posted: Sep 11, 2017 9:56 PM
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Best part of the day:laying in the grass with my darlin' as she tells me all about that kindergarten life😁😁😁 @mrmattmyers
Posted: Sep 10, 2017 6:53 PM
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Flower petal soup again🌸🌺🌻🌼 @mrmattmyers
Posted: Aug 28, 2017 9:13 PM
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Happiness is kindergarten art work❤ @mrmattmyers
Posted: Aug 18, 2017 11:57 AM
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And she's off! 1st day of kindergarten 💕💕 @mrmattmyers
Lazy summer Sundays with my bud☀️💕 @mrmattmyers
Posted: Aug 9, 2017 2:37 PM
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So special💕💕💕 thanks @rob__drago for this and many lovely shots! @mrmattmyers
Posted: Jul 10, 2017 11:42 PM
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Certain parts of motherhood can feel like you are just waiting for them to be more independent/less dependent on you. Then it happens when one day your strong willed 5 year old wants to prove she can skillfully chop green onions with a "real knife"... and of course she does it perfectly as shown:) these moments are going by so fast, you can stop growing up now Violet. My tears are from the onions,no really...😥😥😥 @mrmattmyers
How do you get a sick kid to cool down from a fever??? @mrmattmyers