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Had the best weekend in NYC celebrating @ashleyvictoriakahn’s 30th!! Did you see the 70s disco bash on my stories? 🕺🏻 I love it when MAC is all together! Next reunion: my bday in December, woohoo!
This is the face of someone who’s excited to start making videos! I’ve had a YouTube channel for a while, but making videos is super intimidating. This is a screenshot from a video I shot today. Can’t wait to share it! Be sure to subscribe to my channel ( - link also in bio) to see all my shopping hauls, beauty/hair tutorials, lifestyle/travel content, and more! Comment below with what kind of videos you’d like to see on my channel! And if you have a YouTube channel, let’s follow each other! 🤗
Any fellow #GameofThrones fans out there? Today on, I’m sharing my visit to the real Meereen in Croatia 🐉👸🏼 How gorgeous is this view?!?! 😍 link in bio!
I had the BEST time with @winc at the @toneitup fitness festival last week! Sharing a recap on today 💪🏻🍷🍷 #roseallday #notevensponsored #liketkit
Straight werkin it on today. *z snap* 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
So excited for tomorrow’s post on It’s the last of my Venice posts, but it’s the first appearance of my gorgeous Italian souvenir 👜😍😍 #liketkit
Happy #nationalcoffeeday! Of all the silly holidays we have these days, this one might be my fave. Cheers! ☕️☕️ #coffee #coffeenclothes
Slow mornings are the best mornings ☀️☕️ Talking about taking my sweet time in Venice on today! Shop my adorable robe via #liketkit
I love visiting Europe and learning about the history of each city. Everything is so much older there than it is in the US. During my @livitalytours in Venice, I learned about St. Mark's Basilica. Fun fact: almost everything in this building was stolen, including the bones of St. Mark himself who is buried here! 😱😱 Dramaaaaaa! More on 🤓 #bloglovintravels #theeverygirltravels #darlingescapes
Talking about gondola rides and exploring Venice on today! Loved hanging with my bestie @claudiacortes in 3 countries over the past week! 🌍👯💕
Morning coffee on our @Airbnb rooftop terrace in Venice ☕️💕 How cute are our matching @plumprettysugar robes?! I could get used to this 👸🏻👸🏼 #coffeenclothes
Do you see the white hands in the center of this photo? The art installation, titled "Support" by Lorenzo Quinn, highlights Venice's higher rate of sinking due to climate change. I'm so glad I could be here during its time on display. It's stunning in person! Venice is so full of history, art, and culture. I can't wait to continue exploring! More on tomorrow! 👩🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍🎨 #bloglovintravels #theeverygirltravels #darlingescapes
Learning all the stories behind St. Mark's Basilica was so cool! Who knows how true they all are, but either way, I love all the gossip and rumors 👀
Gondola rides in Venice ✨ It doesn't get better than this! The gondola ride was actually part of our @livitalytours. Such a perfect way to end the day! #iliveitaly
Venice is an absolute dream. I'm in love with this city! @claudiacortes and I took a tour with Marie from @livitalytours and learned so much. I don't usually take tours, but after this experience, I'm going to make sure I take one in every city I go to! So many interesting things to learn! #iliveitaly #bloglovintravels #theeverygirltravels #darlingescapes