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amusing caption, will album sales follow?

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Every time I come to this airport it is wilder and more crowded than the last, over due for an expansion.
this park is tiny, and basically a calamity has to occur before getting on every ride but @drivingfrank informed me we have free WiFi...
random video of #DisneylandParis The night show looks cool and hearing all the classics in French is a bit weird... not as weird as having #StarWars be part of the show though.
spent the day in #EuroDisney and everyone was speaking Spanish. Was there a sale on flights from Spain? I forgot their #SpaceMountain has corkscrews and 360 loops. So much better!
just a casual walk past the Louvre, through the mini Arc de triomphe Napoleon celebrated through (the big one was not ready yet), down the Seine (while Eiffel was twinkling no less), and over to the Obelisk (which is authentic and France will NOT give back). I even caught a glimpse of the proper Arc but I am not going up it this time. Also, railway clarinet. #NightWalk
entering the catacombs, surrounded by 6-7 million dead including victims of the real Sweeney Todd and (probably) Louie XVI & Marie Antoinette! Also, our private tour got to see the "heart" of the catacombs and etc. VERY COOL and lots of rad grisly tales.
Private tour is worth it to avoid the 2+ hour queue that wrapped around the block. Also, we got to go in closed off area like where a cave in was and where these carvings were.
the most Paris ass photo of Paris ever, the tombs of many including Voltaire, Hugo, and Dumas, and assorted sculpture/art/tapestries.
LA person being in Paris at the same time as LA personality @saraheramos & having a similar experience. Cam her instastory on that chill Kardasian one-sheet be far behind?
headed out to see the #toureiffel shine bright like a diamond. It was beautiful Iike... like, diamonds in the sky. Shine bright like a diamond... also, #FastAndFurious had a live show and I missed it.
lots of art and architecture. This is a very reductive way to put it. It is pretty amazing even if I was exhausted.
The Grand and Petit away homes for the royals, I got to see where Marie Antoinette slept and shat! Also, the stuff she built to honour peasants that just made them resent her more because that money could have fed them and saved her head.
Heading to Versailles and a classy Kardasian one-sheet.