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User Image zaniac1 Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:59 PM (UTC)
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Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for some epic videos dropping in the next few days! This last North swell with north wind has been a lot of fun for testing out the new hydrofoils with @starboardwindsurfing and @gofoil! 👉🏾 👈🏾 #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #MauiFilter #LiveTheTikiLife #EveryStepMatters #BeneathTheSurface 👉🏾 My new book, “Beneath The Surface”, is now available on Amazon and my website! 👈🏾 VID @mat5o @starshotmedia 🤠🤙🏾 @honolua_surfco @starboardsup @cobianfootwear @officialmauijim @blackprojectsup music by @belly
Learning how to Jib without the board touching the water has been a fun challenge! 2nd day on the @starboardwindsurfing 147 and starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of the full mast jibs! Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe for some how to videos coming up this winter for hydrofoil surfing, hydrofoil SUPSurfing and hydrofoil windsurfing! 🤠🤙🏾 @starboardwindsurfing @northwindsurf @cobianfootwear @honolua_surfco @officialmauijim @blackprojectsup
Enjoying the sunset yesterday evening from a lifted perspective ☀️🙏🏽💥🤠🤙🏾 Sometimes to change your headspace and attitude it can be as simple as changing your perspective! 💨🌊 Happy to share with you guys that my new book, ”Beneath The Surface”, is now available on #Amazon and my website! Link in my bio!! @starboardwindsurfing @northwindsurf @honolua_surfco @officialmauijim @cobianfootwear @blackprojectsup @reddbar @ecoxgear 🎥 @starshotmedia @paddlehawaii Mahalo for the water shots! #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #EverStepMatters
Here’s a few more great memories in the water captured by @dooma_photos! Learn from your past, live in the present and manifest your future- My new book, “Beneath the Surface” is now available on my website and on Amazon!!
I had such a great time taking a free dive course right here in my backyard with Hawaii free dive expertise, Benjamin- founder of @freedivehi! One of the things I️ strive for is surrounding myself around motivating and passionate people who are experts in their area- I’m looking forward to spend some more quality time under the water with you Ben- Mahalo nui loa!
Such a rad experience to dive around 90ft to the deck of the sunken Carthaginian, a old school whaling sailboat and what a pleasure to have these moments captured by our friend and underwater Photog champ, @aaronlynton 👏🏾💪🏽🤙🏾💥 Mahalo for sharing these shots with me and capturing my first Dive to the Carthaginian! #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #LiveTheTikiLife #MauiFilter @honolua_surfco @officialmauijim @starboardsup @cobianfootwear @blackprojectsup #FreeDiveHi 👉🏾 @freedivehi
User Image zaniac1 Posted: Nov 9, 2017 3:25 AM (UTC)
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It was an amazing moment to be sitting on the deck of the Carthaginian once again! This brought back memories of the good old Super Grom days at Lahaina harbor sneaking onto this old whaling sailboat over 10 years ago before they sank it outside of Puamana!! Mahalo nui loa Benjamin for the invite to share your expertise and mana’o 💪🏽🤙🏾💥 @freedivehi 🙌🏽💪🏽🤠🤙🏾💥
The waves were pretty small for yesterday’s Aloha Classic but it hits close to heart to be apart of this event once again. My first time competing in the #AlohaClassic was in 2004 and back then we had such a solid crew of junior pros motivating us and each other. Stoked to see more youth coming up this year and looking forward to more heats on the water today! Mahalo @starboardwindsurfing @northwindsurf @officialmauijim @cobianfootwear @honolua_surfco and @blackprojectwindsurf for the continuous support!!
User Image zaniac1 Posted: Nov 3, 2017 7:28 AM (UTC)
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My favorite thing about Halloween is expressing creativity to become anyone or anything you want all together with the people around you! I found this Ocean Queen swimming around and thought she’d compliment my trident 👻 #InZane #EverStepMatters #InnovateAndInspire
STARBOARD WORLD CLEANUP=Win a brand new @starboardsup just by taking some trash out of the water or off your beach and throwing it away appropriately! If you get out on the water before the end of tomorrow, Oct 31st, and take on the #PocketOfPlasticChallenge and tag #StarboardWorldCleanup you very well may win a brand new 2018 Whopper and paddle! 10 other participants will also receive a care package from #Starboard as well! @kimyapmaui and Xander from @epicboardsports are showing us how to do it in this #instavideo!
When you throw something away, where do you think it goes? Let's rethink "away" and realize that it could be the ocean, a beach, or even the stomach of an animal. You can help us by using less plastic, eating less (or none at all) commercially fished seafood, and supporting legislation focused on keeping our oceans clean because clean beaches start at home.
User Image zaniac1 Posted: Oct 30, 2017 5:44 PM (UTC)
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O ka pono ke hana ʻia a ihu mai nā lani 🙏🏽 These are the dreams that you give to me🎵❤️💪🏽💥 Mahalo e ke akua!
After a long day of driving around searching for waves it feels so good to find some diamonds in the rough! 🎥Mahalo @kamalamaither (1st clip), @bboyhonolua (2nd clip)🎥 & #EkoluKalama for the music🎵from his new album available on iTunes, “Dare to Dream”
#InZane #InnovateAndInspire #EveryStepMatters @surfing_wa @honolua_surfco @officialmauijim @cobianfootwear @blackprojectsup @starboardsup
Mahalo Uncle #JoeBark @barkboards for the 6’0 shorty! Loving it!
User Image zaniac1 Posted: Oct 25, 2017 6:09 PM (UTC)
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Most definitely the most heavy #SurfRace I’ve ever had the opportunity to be apart of! On Friday the top surf race athletes took on #OceanBeach #SanFrancisco for the #RedBullHeavyWaterChallenge! After placing 2nd in this event last year I’ve been very excited to take it on again, although this year was a whole different story and A lot more poundings on our 12’6” #Sup #Race #boards! Congrats to everyone who finished and major congrats to @cj_steinfath for the win and Junior @starboardsup teammate @ryan.funk in 3rd! #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #EverStepMatters @honolua_surfco @cobianfootwear @officialmauijim @blackprojectsup
Looks like there's a pretty solid swell coming over to us up in #NorCal! Hoping we can finish up the #RedBullHeavyWaterChallenge in time to surf Mavericks while still staying here in Half Moon Bay with @_mattbecker! PC #MikeNeil
#InZane #EveryStepMatters #InnovateAndInspire
The calm before the storm! There's a swell in the Forcast big enough to start the #RedBullHeavyWater most likely towards the end of the week! Mahalo for the shot @theocerbo
#LiveTheTikiLife #InZane #EveryStepMatters X @starboardsup #AllStar 12'6" x 24"
E akahele kou hele ʻana mai huli kua i ke kai! Witnessed a Good rescue from off duty lifeguards at #TheWedge this evening when a swimmer turned his back to the ocean on the way in- Wave slammed him from behind and he got pulled out into the #ripcurrent. This was already after sunset when lifeguards were packing up ready to get home. They had the #lifeguard truck beaming their high beam headlights out into the water to keep an eye on their colleague pursuing the rescue.. Everyone made it in safe! PC Mahalo for the shots @jacksnyderr! #InZane #LiveTheTikiLife #EveryStepMatters #InnovateAndInspire @starboardsup
Great time in #SoCal being hosted by @barefootwarrior and @seanpoynter! I'm stoked to be in San Francisco hosting a #InZaneClinic for #Hydrofoiling with @101surfsports THIS SATURDAY! Looking forward to fly with you guys if your in the area- DM me!
Pics by @georgiasphoto #LiveTheTikiLife #InnovateAndInspire
Sharks can be pretty fun to surf with believe it or not! 🦈🙋🏼‍♂️💕 @kimyapmaui Even your sharp teeth couldn't penetrate the @starboardsup #InflatableSUP #Deluxe 👏🏾💪🏽💥 #LiveTheTikiLife #InZane #InnovateAndInspire #EveryStepMatters